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SMP down (again!)


Apologies to any (!) users out there who might have been trying to use the SMP this morning, but the people at the SMP’s hosting company are apparently having trouble getting out of their pyjamas this morning.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until they get into their rompers, have their breakfast and get to work with their hammers and chisels and router-thingys. It must be fun to work for the world’s largest hosting company…



In reply to DM1CM:

It’s a global conspiracy Rob.

One of my VMs was down all morning for no good reason which meant the SOTA cluster and an SMS spotter was offline. It came back on all on it’s own. Normally the provider is good with emails about outages etc. explaining what happened. Nothing yet. I reckon the cleaner uplugged the rack of servers to hoover the floor and forgot to plug it back in!



In reply to MM0FMF:

These outages (sp?) seem to happen rather too often - but of one thing I can be sure. The SMP’s hosting company NEVER sends emails to their “customers” explaining what happened. All’s well with the world, then…