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Seasonal Bonus - Query


If I activated, for example, Stiperstones for the first time on 31 Dec 2009, then again on 1 January 2010, how many activation points - including seasonal bonus - would be awarded? I am in some doubt about whether the seasonal bonus entitlement starts again on 1 January each year, or can it only be claimed once in any continuous Jan - March period?

Walt (G3NYY)


In reply to G3NYY:
The bonus is annual Walt so restarts again on 1st Jan
Stipperstones this year 2 + 3
Stiperstones January 2 + 3
Total 10 points :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG


In reply to G4OWG:

Thanks for the quick response, Roger. I thought that was it, but wanted to be sure. I’ll have to try and pick up a few bonuses before the end of December, then!


Walt (G3NYY)


Indeed Walt, if you check the logs of some of the more prominent activators, you will see bonus summits activated in December, and then again in the following January. Including when John G4YSS activated Nine Standards Rigg NP-018 on New Year’s Eve, and then again just after midnight on New Year’s Day! Rick M0RCP and Tom M3OOL did something similar on Scafell Pike LD-001 last year.

More normally, you do tend to see activators packing any local 500m+ summits in that they haven’t done yet in the year, in December, then a return sometime in January. The closest pair I ever did (from memory) was Gyrn Moelfre NW-049 on 30th December 2003 and 1st January 2004.

Jimmy and I are considering a return to the popular pair of Foel Fenlli NW-051 and Moel Famau NW-044 over the festive season. We already did these this year, on 4th Backpackers Contest day 19th July, gaining 4 points. However, should we return before the end of December, we won’t get those 4 points of course, but we would pick up 6 points in winter bonuses. And then we could do them again in January for a further 10 points as Jimmy piles them on towards his MG!

Compliments of the season,



In reply to M1EYP:

Tom’s right. Many of the nearest 500+m summits to me I reserve for December. I started my SOTA activations properly during the Winter Bonus and so revisting the same mountains the same time each year has become a tradition. It’s gratifying to see the plan of getting out each weekend when possible during the year pays off as scaling these beginners 2 pointers now is a pleasure rather than physical punishment it was when I started!



In reply to M1EYP:

“More normally, you do tend to see activators packing any local 500m+ summits…”

Terminology unrecognised! Does not compute :wink:


In reply to G4OIG:


Your nearest 2pt summits are still local to you Gerald. Just that you have to use the Australian outback definition of local rather than the 15mins in the car version. I’m waiting for the reports on your last Welsh multi-bagging session, did you get any 23cms contacts?



In reply to MM0FMF:

The lack of local summits is the main reason why I elected to go for activating Unique summits Andy rather than just keep bagging the same old 1 and 2 pointers to crawl my way towards Goatdom. Once the bug bit, then the interest in doing repeat summits certainly died a death.

I’ll get the report done asap, but there’s a lot to write up so it won’t be sorted for a few days yet. Nothing on 23cms and little on 70cms either. Despite the prospect of lift conditions over the weekend, nothing materialised as far as I was concerned and the QSB was exceptionally deep at times. Still, the chaser troops did us proud as usual and we had an absolutely brilliant time.

73, Gerald


Jimmy and I focus on uniques too. There are but four SOTA summits within an hour’s drive of Macclesfield, and we have virtually run out of new unique summits within day-trippable range.

But I don’t mind revisiting - I often find myself surprised by the enjoyment I experience on repeats I might not have been looking forward to. Moel y Gamelin NW-042 / Cyrn-y-Brain NW-043 is always a better day than anticipated for some reason. I still have Pendle / Boulsworth and Black Hill to do for points + bonus this year, all the Shropshire 2+3 summits and Famau/Fenlli with bonuses (but not summit points) to be collected.

And failing that, there’s always The Cloud.



In reply to M1EYP:

“…we have virtually run out of new unique summits within day-trippable range.”

Are you forgetting the GM/SS summits? Bags of scope there. If I can do NP’s as a day trip, then you can get north of the border. Perhaps you need a new alarm clock for Christmas - one that starts before 05.00 hrs. :wink:

73, Gerald


I’m extremely jealous of those who still have 100% unique records. I lost mine early on whilst I suppose I could cook-the-books and delete the multiple activation records I just have to live with the fact I’m not 100% unique any more.

It means activations split into two camps… the uniques where you get a buzz knowing your unique count is rising and the repeats were you get to visit old friends. I have a few repeats that are special, Black Hill, Minch Moor, Windlestraw Law as these were some of the first activations I did. Then there’s everyone’s favourite in the North West, Moel Fammau. It’s not a challenge with its excellent path but my reason for liking it is I get to work a whole host of chasers I never hear from Scotland.

Then you have the fun with uniques in planning your route up, checking out suggested routes, parking and access and studying the terrain for obvious pitfalls and places to avoid. You can fill in hours in the evenings (and at work) on these virtual ascents and I’m sure I’m not alone in my sadness and compulsion in doing this before the actual walk!

Of course if you wish to keep a 100% unique record, you could always resurrect an old and what would have been B callsign for doing repeats under. Contrived but isn’t everything in some way.



In reply to G4OIG:

Tom has lots to do in the Lakes too. I still have some day-trip uniques in range - I have 4 to do that are less than 125km away.




About 120 miles outward is the limit for me Gerald. I have read the reports of yourself, and John G4YSS, and realised that I would be fast asleep long before getting home in such cases. Which is never a good idea behind the wheel of a car! I did Scafell Pike as a daytrip in 2004, and the drive home was horrendous - never again!

The main problem with the concept of a 0500 start (or earlier) is that the Lymm Truck Stop won’t have opened for breakfast as I pass it! We are having one of these 5am starts next Sunday though, but leaving the M6 before Tebay / Westmorland Farm Shops services - so will need to find another option for breakfast completely.

When can we expect you to start working through the LD yourself Gerald? Jimmy and I seem to be doing quite well with it, but it’s a big place and there’s still a heck of a lot of it (22 out of 56) for us to do. At least Jimmy has caught up with all my activator uniques in LD now, and so each one now is a unique for us both.



I have 4 to do that are less than 125km away.

Road distance or ATCF? I don’t consider what remains for me in the Lakes as day-trippable BTW. But it makes better economic sense as well as extra enjoyment to stay over one or two nights, so I don’t mind.

But my day-upper-mileage-limit seems lower than some of you on here.



Hi Dad,

When to go to the lake district we don’t go as far as tebay services on the M6 so we will have to find somewhere else to have breakfast while travelling up to the lake district.

Jimmy M3EYP having a free lesson.


In reply to M3EYP:
Hi Jimmy.You could try Morrisons cafe in Kendal.The big breakfast is ok and reasoably priced.All the best Geoff G6MZX


Thank you Geoff, we do drive through Kendal on the way to Tarn Crag G/LD-026 so no major divertion.

Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to MM0FMF:

Succinctly put Andy - I am definitely one of the sad people that looks at the activation from every possible angle beforehand, yet I am still amazed at how different in can look on the ground, even having seen all the photos that are available on Geograph, Flickr, etc… and to cap it all, even after more than 250 unique summits, I still have the uncanny ability to get “off piste” - and that with Paul in attendance. The usual scenario is being too eager and cutting up the hill directly through the heather when there is a motorway of a track winding its way to the summit not far away to one side… not everyone can achieve that!

As for using the Class B call to repeat of the summits - sorry it would restart the itch - I’d just have to do it all again from the beginning!

Gerald G4OIG


In reply to M1EYP:

120 miles would get me 38 miles past Paul’s QTH. I’m sure you appreciate that I’d get nowhere on that basis. Fortunately I am used to long drives as my daughter lives in Cornwall. Even so, after a very hard day in dire weather activating Longridge SP-014, Easington SP-012 and the now obsolete Thorp Fell Top, I did have to pull into the services on the M6 to get a 30 minute power nap before I delivered Paul safely home just before 1 a.m. I also had a kip on the way back after doing 6 SC summits. I must say that having a break and a cup of coffee at Paul’s QTH certainly helps.

“The main problem with the concept of a 0500 start (or earlier) is that the Lymm Truck Stop won’t have opened for breakfast”

Therein lies your problem Tom - excess food! For both Paul and myself exercise is an appetite suppressant. Breakfast is a bowl of cereal at around 3 a.m. and then I prefer not to eat until after the first activation. It’s not good digesting food and exercising at the same time.

“When can we expect you to start working through the LD yourself Gerald?”

Did you miss it? Seven in the bag so far with more planned… watch the alerts page!

Gerald G4OIG

P.S. My mileage record for a two day sortie stands at 700 miles, GM/SS and G/NP in October 2007.


In reply to M1EYP:

Jimmy and I focus on uniques too. There are but four SOTA summits
within an hour’s drive of Macclesfield, and we have virtually run out
of new unique summits within day-trippable range.

Why are the South Wales summits so rarely activated? There have been loads of MW and NW summits on the air in the past few months, but hardly any SW - except Wentwood and Mynydd Epynt which were activated by me!

Walt (G3NYY)