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Scottish Association Updates


The Scottish ARM (association reference manual) has been updated and the new version can be downloaded from the SOTA website. Some of the missing sections have been written, the AM contact details have been updated and the new summits added.

The following new summits are now available from September 1st 2009.

SI-223 Sail Chalmadale NR 914401 480m 1 point
SS-284 Creag na Criche NN 986350 496m 1 point

Andy, MA0FMF
Scottish AM


In reply to MM0FMF:

“SS-284 Creag na Criche NN 986350 496m 1 point”

Keeping this one for yourself, eh Andy? The grid ref details on the summit page / Get-a-map link are for SS-283 Coraddie - obviously a paste from that page. Maybe this is the summit at the bottom of your garden… :wink:

73, Gerald

P.S. You shouldn’t have given the correct grid ref in your post, then there would have been some confusion, Hi.


In reply to G4OIG:

Pah! It’s up near Perth. I haven’t got the input sheets on this pc, so I’ll update it and get Tom / Jon to do the magic (again) later.



In reply to G4OIG:

There was a mistake but I’ve checked the fixed files I sent to Tom and they’re correct. The info from the database when you use Find a Summit is correct. So I don’t know why the info on Sotawatch is coming up with the old erroneous data. I’ll ask Jon and Tom to give the website Oompa-lumpas a prod.



In reply to MM0FMF:

Well it provided me with an excuse to wind you up a bit Andy… must remember to thank Jon and Tom for arranging the glitch! :wink:

73, Gerald


Hi Andy,

In your Scottish region mapping section in the GM ARM, in the number of SOTA summits in each region are wrong.

NS should be 153, not 154,
CS should be 124, not 123,
ES should be 87, not 86,
WS should be 347, not 346,
SS should be 282, not 281,
SI should be 223, not 222.

Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to M3EYP:

Well spotted Jimmy. There’s at least one more mistake that I spotted just now when checking those numbers some of which have been wrong for a good while. I’ll update these and that other mistake and get the new ARM of to the MT tonight.