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Sad News about the Rucksack radio tool Android App


Convenience - that’s all, convenience.

  • From my app, VK port-a-log, once on the summit I can set my activation details, frequency and mode in fewer than 10 taps.
  • Once configured, it takes two taps to self spot.
  • If I work another SOTA activator it takes two taps to send a spot for their activation.
  • When I work a station from my summit it takes as few as four taps to capture all the details and save it in my log.
  • If I see a spot and work that activator it takes as few as two taps to capture all the details and save it in my log.
  • If I have worked the station before, I am prompted with their name as soon as I have entered their call sign
  • When I get home it takes just minutes to transfer my activator and chaser logs to SOTAdata and Log4OM.

All this helps me make the best use of my time, both on the summit and when I get home.

P.S My app also works for WWFF and three local VK award programs


I now simply LOVE this app. In all but the worst weather (which screws up my touch screen) I log everything this way on my Galaxy S7 phone. With 3G or 4G coverage on a summit I’ve been known to upload my log to the database before leaving!

I use the self spot feature whenever I have coverage, after I have set up the initial screen ready to start logging (freq, mode, power etc.). Takes one swipe right and a couple of taps of the screen. Done.


Gerald, you could even try to upload your log before the activation! :roll_eyes:

Using it here, too, for logging.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


As it happens, I recently explained what I don’t like recently on another thread. But to expand a bit…

Scenario: cold wet summit; found a frequency on a busy band, calling CQ to try to keep it, but no chasers. Need a spot. Phone has 3G, so go to “New spot”. I get this:

We have a fairly small screen here, and the whole form is crowded into a tiny part of that. Text is not really readable. So we need to zoom and pan. This is fiddly, and may need more fingers than I have readily available.

Next we start filling in. Putting in my own callsign is a nuisance, but I have a shortcut. Then the summit reference:

So what’s going on here? I’ve just typed “Gm” into the association field, but the box isn’t big enough, so only the second letter shows. The “G” is there really. Or is it? When you are actually doing it, there is always that moment of doubt. We know that an association reference can be at most 3 characters, yet the field doesn’t even have room for two! Let’s hope autocomplete doesn’t kick in with something daft.

And so it goes on, laboriously navigating one field at a time. Selecting the mode from the menu always feels like more faff than just typing it.

Finally, having zoomed in, the “Add spot” button is no longer visible, so I have to fiddle about it find it, hoping not to disturb anything else along the way.

Worst of all, 15 minutes later I want to spot a new band. Everything except the frequency is the same as before, yet I have to start again from a blank form.

That is why I personally do not like self-spotting from the web page as it stands. A web site could do as good a job as an app, but the one we have doesn’t.

Martyn M1MAJ


I think it is fair to point out that spotting via the web page was originally intended for the use of chasers because in the early days of SOTA few activators would be able to self spot. Even now, though, there are summits where self spotting would be difficult. As I type, there are fourteen spots highlighted in red, only four of which have been spotted by chasers, so a major revolution has crept up on us. Personally, I miss the days when chasers competed to get in first with a spot, but there’s no going back!



I think your description is exactly correct and captures the awkwardness of a mobile phone screen interacting with a web page designed for a home computer, full size screen and mouse. it can be made to work, but it can be difficult in strong light or adverse weather.

The website is great, but it isn’t ideal for tiny screens and fat fingers.

73 Andrew vk1da vk2uh


I simply stretch out my display with finger and thumb to make any bits go bigger if needed.



Thanks for the input, I know it will be taken on board for the replacement. As my spotting life is less fraught with issues is one reason why I’ve never felt compelled to try the apps.

I use Firefox on my phone and it remembers the previous field contents which makes life easier. Well it remembers as long as you don’t reboot the phone. I let my battery go flat this weekend so 1st time in 9months my phone has rebooted. Yes, you have to fish about the screen to get it readable and it does resize things on the fly to bug you.

So fixing/redesigning things that fixes it for all users is the desirable way forward.


Sad indeed to lose Rucksack Radio! This allowed me to wander around the house doing other things while I awaited the CW alert notification. I have listened to the EU Regulators complaints as captured in TV news reports. They sound like a lot of whiners who can’t find their delete keys and are shocked that free Web services use their data for marketing. Apparently, they are unable to resist advertising and need a nanny to prevent over-spending.

I will check out VK Port-a-Log and SOTA Spotter for use on my phone. I will miss Jorg’s great app and say to him “Danke” for his efforts.

73, Bill, K8TE (who will upload my QSO’s someday)


You are of course within your rights to have an opinion, Bill, but hold back a bit on the sarcasm - regulators do not operate in a vacuum. These regulations are devised in response to genuine and widespread public concern about the misuse of personal data, they may have unintended consequences as such legislation all too often does, but a bit of transatlantic venom will have no effect!


In comparison, this website, the reflector, automatically reformats itself when it sees a mobile device. I was impressed when I first saw this. Hopefully in the future something similar might be possible with SOTAWatch.



Hello, I always use “SOTA Goat”

73 markus


Markus. SOTA Goat is great, however it has 2 disadvantages as minimum:

  1. It stopped sound-alerting about spots
  2. It is only for iPhone/iPad

So RRT will be missed a lot.


For operating system ANDROID there is “SOTA-Spotter”

73 markus


Yes, there are substitutes, but nothing compares to RRT. And also GMA used this app, so I still believe the GMA community will try to make this continued, maybe by hosting the RRT somewhere else? I am not good at IT, but this might be doable.


So sorry to hear about that. RRT was my Favoriten App.
Thanks to Jörg for the outstanding Performance all the Years.

73 ans hear you in the summits.
Stefan DG4RBS