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Replacements for Palm Keys


Looks great ! how do you like the feel ?



Hi Jc,

it is very close to the original as is also own a original.
I very like the ball locking mechanism, in comparison to the original.
The adjustability is really good, I might build a second one to try some other inside (contact) parts.

vy 73 Thomas HB9GVC


Hi Thomas,

Where did you buy the ball plunger ?

73, Patrick


CHF 0.25 | Press fit plungers,Ball plungers ,blue plastic body,pom or stainless steel ball,body dia 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm

That is what I used.



I wanted to ask a friend to print me the V3 version of your key.

In the files folder in Thingiverse, i can’t find the STL file for V3 case.
Is it the same as V2 ?

For what is the key sled good for ?