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[POLL] Christmas / New Year Holiday activity ?


Of the activators who would like to get out around Christmas time - please seklect which (one) option would be your prefferred day and perhaps we can see which is the most favoured day and try to create a LOT of SOTA activity worldwide on that day. I have deliberately left out the Option - another day as it would make things too complicated so please don’t reply to this thread suggesting a different day as it wont find its way into the count. I have also made this a single selection, so even if you have two favourites, please toss a coin and put the winner into this survey - thanks. The survey will close on Saturday 15th. December.

  • Monday 24th December Christmas Eve
  • Tuesday 25th December Christmas Day
  • Wednesday 26th December Boxing Day
  • Monday 31st December New Years Eve
  • Tuesday 1st January 2019 New Years Day

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you can also ask about the period between holidays 27, 28, 29 30 -we often we have the opportunity to spare time


I agree, to avoid conflicts with families maybe the period 27th to 30th December maybe a better opportunity ?

73 Andrew G4AFI


Hi Leszek, Hi Andrew,
You’ll see that I stated in my introduction “please don’t reply to this thread suggesting a different day as it wont find its way into the count.” - There’s absolutely nothing stopping people going out on any day they chose (of course), but this “event” I wanted to be on a Christmas or New years holiday day as the majority of people wont be working then. I also wanted to avoid weekends because of contests.



February 12th :clown_face:


I’ll be QRV pre-dawn on Christmas Day morning, even if (as looks likely) that option finishes last.

And probably on whichever day wins. And several of the others too. And several days that aren’t options.

There used to be a great event of lots of activators convening around Church Stretton and making S2S contacts from the WB summits, then meeting up for coffee and cakes at Mr Bun the Bakers. That was held on one of the days between Christmas and New Year so maybe we could start a separate thread for those wanting to arrange something on the non-holiday dates.

Very much looking forward to some seasonal activating whatever the flavour.


A big advantage to 01 January is that it’s a new calendar year for activations. Some will activate the same summit on 31 December and 01 January. Others like myself like the 01 January date because I can activate a summit I’ve already activated during 2018.


The New years eve / New Years day UTC changeover is particularly good in the eastern Australian states where it falls at 10am in the morning local time! Meaning chasers and activators get double the points for one trip up the mountain.



Good point.



I see those who are happy for Christmas in the home, but let’s try the second option


Still 12 days to go in the Survey but by far the favorite choice at the moment is New Years Day. I suppose it has the advantage of a new year and hence new points for every summit.

Let’s see what the next 12 days in the Survey brings but I’ll be “pencilling in” 1st Jan. 2019.



Hope to do a 1 pointer before utc roll over Dec 31 2018 then score it again New Years morning of 2019. Usually a lot of vk ops out to make it a S2S party welcoming the New Year and collect a double points score for the one summit trip.
CZ …


Ed, my vote is for 28th - 30th December, but seeing you have not included that option, I guess I will need to seek legal advice. From the dates offered, it could be that you expect to have eaten and drunk too much by midnight on 26th and will require several days to sleep it off - hence why those dates are not on offer. :grinning:


Hi Gerald, I deliberately left out the other days - I was originally thinking of just around Christmas - so Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day but then it was pointed out to me that the New Years days were also relevant.
In principal I wanted to include the public holidays as some people will still be working on the other days.

There is no restriction on anyone activating when they want to :smiley:- my aim was to try to get as many out on the same day as possible, simply to get the best chance of contacts.

Just post your intentions in SOTAWatch Alerts and “they will come” (the Chasers that is).

73 Ed.


Loads of people, myself included, work on the holiday dates. In fact, I’m more likely to be at work on those dates.


Yeah those in the entertainment business and restaurant businesses often work public holidays - that’s when the most trade is there I guess, as the others have the days free.

73 Ed.

At the moment, it’s very clear that Christmas Eve (24th) and Christmas day (25th) are not in favour and NYD appears to be the favorite with Boxing day behind that.


Let me say THANK YOU to the 50 people who took part in the Survey - as you will see below, the favourite day is New Years Day with both Boxing Day and New Years eve being close to each other in 2nd and 3rd places.

As I said in the thread above - I hope everyone gets out when you can but if you, like I, was looking for a day when there might be more activity on, it looks like New Years day should be fairly busy with 22 activators hoping to get out onto a summit.

I myself plan to activate both Boxing Day and New Years Day - so I hope to work lots of the other summit activators and as well, of course, the chasers so that I can extend festive wishrs to them over the air.

73 Ed OE/VK2JI …


New Years Day is a kind of annual “guaranteed” SOTA event day anyway, with everyone’s local summits becoming valid for points once again. The results of this poll therefore were entirely predictable, but nonetheless, a useful exercise to highlight the boost in activity and S2S opportunities that January 1st will bring. I’ll certainly hope to take part myself, gigs permitting.

I’ll go and checkout the “Gaulfest” thread now and see where that’s up to. I’ve got a summit in mind for that.