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People from Andy's formative youth who are now dead


Yeah, I think George Young was “Guitar George” (who knows all the chords). Others have claimed it, including Macclesfield/Manchester’s George Borowski, but most say it was George Young.


Yes, I only spotted than when I read about Malcolm today.


Saw them live in 1974. And a few times after when they were established.



Boo Hiss! Another personality from my childhood has shuffled off his mortal coil and joined the choir invisible. Prof. Heinz Wolf has died at the age of 89.

If you wanted a charicature of a professor you could have done no better than with Heinz, let’s see:

  • manic hair? Check.
  • foreign accent? Check (German)
  • unusual clothing? Check

Damn, another one down.


And we all shuffle one step forward in the queue…


“St Peter is busy at the moment. Thank you for waiting, your call is very important to us. You are number? In the queue.”
One day, but not yet hopefully! I’d like to make Goat in this life not the next.


Another day, another step forward.

RIP Motorhead and Fastway’s Fast Eddie Clarke. That’s it, all the members of the classic Motorhead lineup have now shuffled off their mortal coil and have joined the choir invisible.

I’m off to listen to “Damage Case” as loud as the little headphone amp will go.


Killed by Death I presume. Sad, won’t be any of the good musicians left soon. Younger folk just don’t what it’s like to destroy your hearing with a good rock tune.
RIP Eddie


Well rock is a bit of a Johnny-come-lately, my jazz heroes have undergone a steady attrition all my life! Many of them from much the same causes…


I missed that one completely.

Sad news - Prof. Wolff was staple viewing for me as a kid, and maybe had a small part in me choosing Engineering as a career.


He was one of those people who was able to explain technical stuff to non-technical people and thus was great on TV.


Jim Rodford, bassist with the Kinks, Zombies and Swinging Blue Jeans (the Hippy Hippy Shake, Good Golly Miss Molly) aged 76


Just listening to him playing on Argent’s epynomous album. Somewhat ironic to have survived a 50+ year career in rock and roll known for its excess, especially 60s and 70s, only to die as a result of falling down the stairs. :frowning:


Bah! Another shuffles off his mortal coil.

Barry Chuckle of The Chuckle Brothers dies aged 73. Not from my childhood, but my children’s childhood and thus I used to watch my kids watching Chucklevision when they got back from school.

I’m hoping that they will act out a typical Chuckle Brothers sketch when it comes to taking his coffin out of the hearse. Lot’s of “from me, to you” followed by someone stepping into the open grave. It’s what he would have wanted.


And another…

The best dressed villain in the universe bows out at 74. Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan from Blake’s Seven) SK.


I once happened to be in the Belgrade theatre in Coventry many years ago, and Ms. Pearce walked - glided, rather - toward and then straight past me without a glance. A stunning apparition, never forgotten!


Please consider closing this thread. Every time someone adds another post, unrelated to the original subject, the 3-1/2 year old announcement that “Spock is Dead” pops up on Reflector Latest. Alternately, please change the subject of the original post/topic if possible.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU


Now, you see, that’s one of the things I personally like about this reflector - the way the topic often changes, as it invariably does in a good conversation. Of course, that’s not to everybody’s taste.

I often read the NASOTA mailing list, and I have to say I find it stultifyingly boring, but that’s just me I guess…


Well strictly speaking the title is still accurate and relevant (unless of course Leonard has been resurrected - a la Dr Who). He lives long and prospers in this thread😉

PS only 61 to go for those who really dislike this!


Form an orderly queue!