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Pentlands, Scotland Mini Expedition 5th Sept 18


What something like 5mm dowel? It should be fine,


Well done with the s2s - they are the best, right?

To support a wire dipole I’ve used electrical conduit successfully. I used a junction box and drilled a suitable hole in it. The conduit attaches at right angles to the pole and is about 40-50cm long. The dipole can be attached to the end of the conduit. This was all mounted on a telescoping fibreglass pole.

Sotabeams has suitable poles of various sizes and other suitable bits and pieces.

Another few activations like that and you’re hooked!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Thanks, it’s actually two S2S technically! Almost had 3 I’d hadn’t taken too long to get up - I spoke to someone when I was resting half way up who was on another summit


Oh god. Guess who’s planning to do Black Hill and Scald Law on Friday? I’ve got the bug, guys…

I’ll take some time tomorrow to make the antenna a bit more hardy, really it needs to be packable though. Hinges on the elements maybe?

The 90deg bend away from the feed point is an easy fix.

Thanks for everyone’s help this past few days and everyone I called today. Maybe we’ll talk on Friday lunchtime!


Just wanted to update everyone on the second expedition today to bag two 2-pointers in the local area.

My feet are going to explode, but I had a really fun day today exploring areas outside of Edinburgh that I never usually see, all just a bus ride away.

Not as much action today as on Wednesday, making 5 QSOs on each of the two summits. There is one left in the Pentlands and then I’m going to have to get buses further afield. Currently asking my Wi-Fi/networks friend to join me, as he may enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for making these last few days so good for me. Special thanks to Ken and Christine for standing by so much and helping me out, and thanks to Derrick (?) 2E0MIX for a truly remarkable experience talking to you down there in the Lakes on 5W FM. I should have been doing this ten years ago.

I have well and truly caught the bug. Thanks, you fools :frowning:


For me that’s one of the bonuses of this programme; it encourages you to climb some of the smaller hills you might never have heard of or thought of making the effort to travel to previously.
Glad you’re enjoying it Mark