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Palm Morse Keys - end of an era


Many thanks to Dieter for so much good stuff provided to many of us and my very best wishes for a quick recovery of his good health soon.
I hope he’ll now have a well deserved rest.



Man, bummer to hear. Just got a pico single a few weeks ago, now Morse Express show them as sold out. Positive thoughts out to Dieter and family.


Every time I take out my Pico it makes me smile, it’s a small piece of wonder.


Also, beyond fabulous CS. I complained on this reflector about having to rebuild the cord on my Palm. He read it and sent me a newly designed cord without being asked. Where else would that happen?

Elliott, K6EL


Same here.

Honesty and gentlemanly like this is something to highlight and teach about to our youngsters.



I really like my Palm key. Guess I will have to be verrry careful from now on with the unique connecting cable - unless anyone can suggest a source for spares?


It’s a standard 3 pin Molex PCB connector. Mouser will have them for those of you who are “left-pondian”.

Molex part 0022112032 and a piece of Veroboard/perfboard is what you want to mount it and terminate your cable.


K7ATN has photos on how to use parts from Mouser to fix that problem. If I can find them here on this computer, I’ll send them to you. Or, iffen K7ATN is reading this maybe he can link to them. Think it was in one of the PNW SOTA’s newsletters a while back??

Todd KH2TJ


I"ve been thinking about getting a Palm Paddle for ages, and ages - should I shouldn’t I?.
Then I saw this post. Frantic phoning up the likes of Radio World, M & L,
Doesn’t appear to be one left for sale in the UK.

Oh well. My own fault…


Indeed you should have! They do appear secondhand occasionally but it’s rare.


Sad day today. We have finally removed the Palm Radio category from our webstore.




Has anyone tried the paddle Hamshop.cz sell for about £24 / 27Eu ?


I did. Far, but very far away from any Palm Radio… I wouldn’t advise to buy this one.

Im my opinion, it was an honest attemp from Hamshop-cz to 3D-print a viable morse key but it’s not a good one alternative.

Dieter and Palm Radio will be a very good remembrnce for a long time. I will miss their morse keys.



I wish I had 2, it would be quite interesting to put one on Ebay in a year’s time.


A few days after it became clear that there would be no more I saw one advertised secondhand at nearly twice the purchase price. I can’t imagine that it sold at that but maybe I am wrong?


And here I am, in need of my first paddle…

Oh well, to the future!


I think 3D printing is the future for such low demand items (relative to cases for phones).

there is an increasing number of designs on thingiverse so all you need is a printer, or someone with one…


Yes I agree. As soon as there is a printer that can print gold plated contacts we will be able to move forward.


As soon as time allows, I will work on an Open Hardware paddle for SOTA for 3D printing. Stay tuned;)
73 de Martin, DK3IT