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OE7PHI Hansjörg to achieve 100,000 chaser points


Congratulations to Hansjörg OE7PHI as the first OE station to achieve 100,000 chaser points!
It’s always a pleasure to hear you on the frequency!

We look forward to many more contacts with you both as chaser and activator!
Keep going strong!

73 de Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL


Hello Hansjörg
Congratulations to the 100,000 Chaser points.
Hope we’ll be back soon S2S
73 from South Tyrol
IW3AGO Heinrich


Well done and congratulations John on the milestone achieving 100.000 chaser points.
73 Don G0RQL.


Many congratulations on the excellent achievement Hansjörg. Thanks for all the QSOs when I have been out on the hills. I hope to work you many more times.

73, Gerald G4OIG


Congrats John!


Congratulations Hansjorg on achieving 100,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY


Hello Hansjörg
Congratulations to the 100,000 Chaser points!!!
See you soon! On the band or in OE this year!
73! Greetings to your wife
Els and Sake


Hansjörg congratulation. Thanks for QSOs.



Hallo Hansjörg,
Gratuliere dir zu 100k chaser points, tolle Leistung!
Vielen Dank für die vielen QSOs und nur weiter so!

73 Heinz


Hallo Hansjörg,

Congratulations on achieving 100,000 points - FB!
Thanks for all the contacts.



Wow amazing, well done.
Thanks for the many contacts.
73 Mike


Hallo Hansjörg,

Congratulations on achieving 100,000 points
Thanks for all the contacts.

in3adf markus


Hallo Hansjörg,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Erreichen der 100.000 Punkte-Marke. Herzlichen Dank auch für alle Kontakte und die schönen gemeinsamen Unternehmungen in der Vergangenheit und in der Zukunft.

73 de OE7RDI, Rudi


Dear SOTA friends, activators and chasers.

I am happy to thank you very much for all nice contacts / QSO’s we had together.
Well, it was really hard work to achieve this target in several years.

My private aim was always to find a decent balance between “sit in” as chaser and
"go out" as activator, hi.
Sorry, not everybody is able to handle this combination.

To those who can, I recommend give a try to both sides of the medal if possible.
In an exemplary way let me mention G4OBK, leading my favorite but inofficial
Double Roll of Honour with 100K+ chaser points, heading now to his 3rd MG.
That is outstanding work, dear Phil. Congratulations.

Hope to meet you all again as SOTA activator or chaser equally.
Good luck,

73 Hansjoerg (alias John) OE7PHI


Congratulations !

Ivica - 9a6cw


Many congratulations Hansjörg for the outstanding number achieved.
Thanks a lot for all the QSOs we’ve had.
As you said and I also do, chasing and activating in a good balance is, whenever possible, the perfect way to enjoy SOTA from the 2 sides of the court.
I’ll be looking forward to many more QSOs to come.