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New Mountain Goat


In reply to M3EYP:

Sorry I missed this thread as I was away for the weekend: well done, Jimmy, a proud achievement.


Brian G8ADD


Thank you Mark and Brian for your comments.

Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to M3EYP:
Hi Jimmy,

I only saw this when Roy pointed it out so apologies for being about the last to acknowledge it. Better late than never I suppose.

Congratulations on a brilliant effort and achievement. You have remained determined and loyal to the cause and this is your reward. You will also have seen some challenging weather conditions and situations. I suspect that you might just enjoy it too! Now your glassware can stand beside your Dad’s in pride of place.

Well done,
Best regards, John.


In reply to M3EYP:

Well done Jimmy - Good effort!




Thank you John and Dave for your comments.

I have had all sorts of weather conditions when activating SOTA summits. I do not enjoy activating in very bad weather. I now always check the weather forecast before deciding whether to go out activating SOTA summits or not.

Jimmy M3EYP


Well, due to a post celebrating a different MG being placed in this thread by mistake - this popped up again after six years. I succumbed to that great “time-killer” that is the internet, and had a nostalgic read through all the above posts. I have very fond memories of this particular SOTA day.

Photos here:



That was me!

A New Mountain Goat != New Mountain Goat