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New licensee


If Adrian is still not fully able then you could slip along the Moray coast to either Elgin (MM0GYX) or Banff (me) and play on some of the Northern ES pimples if you want to try something simple.

Barry GM4TOE


Thanx Barry

It’s the driving I can’t be bothered with

My job is driving all day, so after work or at weekend I like to do as little driving as possible
My club is in Elgin, but it’s a bit of a drive for me, especially after all day driving
I’m considering joining the Inverness club

However I wouldn’t rule it out
I’ve just bought a wee van, and plan on putting a bed etc in it
So I can spend nights and weekends away

Many thanx for offer and I’m sure il meet a lot of u some day



With a son & family in Inverness I am sometimes over that way too