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NE4TN (Walt) achieved 30,000 Chaser Points


As of today NE4TN (Walt) achieved 30,000 Chaser Points reached 3X Super Sloth in W4T
Congrats Walt Great Job

Again Congrats Walt de W4DOW (Dow)
Chaser in W4V


Congratulations Walt. Always great to work you from a summit or hear you as a fellow chaser.

73 Rich N4EX


Also Congrats , Walt. Super job OM. 73 , All the best! de Scotty KG3W


Congrats to Walt.

He is in my log activator.

de Pedro


Congratulations Walt. 73, Malcolm VE2DDZ


Congratulations Walt, good to have you in my log so many times…

73 Mike


Walt, Admiration for your achievement from Merle and Herm in NH. 73’s


Outstanding performance Walt. Always enjoy hearing your call in the chaser pile-ups and when you activate in the field.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Congratulations Walt, it is always a pleasure to add to your chaser achievements.
73’s Gary W5ODS


Great effort Walt! Glad to be able to make contact with you yesterday from W6/CT-071 Circle Mtn. You are well represented in my logs.
73 and Thanks!!
Mike W6AH


FB OM, always a big signal here in the Catskills. I’ll catch you on the next hill.


Congrats Walt,
Thanks for the many chases. It’s always a pleasure putting you in the log especially when I’m QRV from Tennessee.



Congrats Walt. Wow!

73s de KJ5FA Kevin


Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments! I’ve been licensed for over 53 years and really enjoying yet another aspect of this wonderful hobby. Thanks to all the Activators around the world that made 30K points possible. 73 and see you on the bands.

Walt NE4TN


That’s a lot of points Walt! Thanks 4 all of the QSO’s from all of the summits.




Is it merely a coincidence that 2 people who have both been licensed over 50 years and both are interested in SOTA are both called Walt?

There’s Walt NE4TN and Walt G3NYY

I think we should be told! :wink:

Congrats Walt.


Congrats Walt! Have you in both my activator and chaser logs, on both CW and SSB. Now if I can catch you on a band besides 40m!

Great job,

Mike, N4VBV