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N4EX hits 1,000!


On 17 June Rich, N4EX became a Mountain Goat. Coupled with his extraordinary chasing record he has entered a rarefied level of SOTA accomplishment. Congratulations !!!


You Beauty!!
Well done Rich been nice to work you along the way.
ian vk5cz …


Congratulations Rich. Thanks for all the SOTA’s




Congrats Rich. Glad I could be a small part of helping you get to this level.

Gary A. - W0MNA


He’s defying gravity. Hats off N4EX dit


Congratulations Rich, being just over a third of the way to that milestone I know just how much hiking that is.


Congratulations Rich for your success. Glad to have your QSL Card in my shack. Fred – DL9MDI


Congratulations Rich! Great to meet you in Raleigh in April. Now to work each other S2S :smile:



congratulations Rich. Hoping for a S2S soon.

73, Hans PB2T


Congrats Rich! Welcome to the NA herd! Baaa!


Well done Rich and hope you had lotsa fun doing it!

73, Barry N1EU


Well Done! And really proud to note that you were BOTH my first entry for chasing an activator as well as first in my log on my first activation. PETE WH6LE


Congrats Rich, Thanks for all the Great CW contacts and Chaser Points
73 de W4DOW #1 Chaser W4V


Congrats Rich !

Thanks for all the summits that I chased you on especially the ones on CW. Hope to hear you more in the future.

73 Erik WX4ET


Great job, Rich!
Martha W0ERI


Well done Rich! Welcome to the NA herd.
John K1JD


73 and congratulations from Pennsylvania. Happy you are now a Mountain Goat. Also thanks for being part of one of your activations last year. 72 Scotty


Rich -
Some say “baaa” and some say “meehh” - either way you are a most welcome Mountain Goat!
And I believe that your activations were all uniques and no bonus points - an achievement on an achievement!
All the best,


Well done Rich. Welcome to the Goat Shack. It is always a pleasure to work you from a summit. Maybe one day I will have have the time to improve my home station so that I can work you on a summit. … better still, let’s make it an S2S. :smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG