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N4EX First NA 100K Chaser!


Congratulations Rich, you are the first NA 100K chaser.

Fantastic job!!!


EA2DT Manuel


Very impressive Rich. It’s always great to hear you. Your operating style is a good example for others.

Randy, ND0C


Congratulations Rich

Roland KG7FOP


Quite the accomplishment Rich. Talk about daily dedication. Hope you are enjoying your day! Thanks for your help with my first activation 3 years ago. All the best … Scotty


Congratulations Rich !
Tks for working me several times from the USA!!

73 Sake , PA0SKP


Amazing, but not surprising. #omnipresent Way to go Rich! Huzzah!


Congratulations Rich! And thanks for all the help on the peaks.


Mike - ke5akl


Well done Rich on the 100k, hope to get you in the log with activations to come.



Great job Rich, congratulations


Very Good Job Rick. After doing my first and second activations and
getting my first 1,000 under my belt I see just how hard it is to do.
BZ for job well done.


Thanks to all the activators for making it possible for me to achieve my second SOTA goal of 100K chaser points and thanks again to all the chasers that helped me reach my initial SOTA goal of Mountain Goat in 2015.
73 Rich N4EX



Thanks for your incredible patience and excellent operating skills! You’re in many of my logs.




Fine job Rich! A lot of dedication and perseverance certainly required. Currently 9th in the world…soon to be #1 is your next goal…

And W7RV, W0MNA, NS7P, and W0ERI round out the top 20 in the world. Wow! Great efforts folks.



Congrats Rich! :slight_smile:

Thank you for all times you chase me across the pond!

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF


If I’m going to work a chaser in North America, there’s a very good chance it’s going to be you. And further, just to let you know that when I was the very first activator in the recently added VY2 Association (Prince Edward Island) where I was operating as AA1MI/VY2, you were the very first chaser to make a contact with that association!


Wow! Congrats! A pleasure to have you in my activation logs.



Thanks Rich. I can always count on you for a call. Scott kw4jm


Hi Rich
Congratulations and tks for all the QSO we had so fare! At the peak of the last solar cycle I worked you all most on every activation. But now I can be happy if I get a 229 or 339 or a 449/559 (if I am running 60 watts) from you!
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg


Congrats Rich! I have you down in my log many, many times. Much appreciated. 73 Mike NS1TA