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I had sort of mentioned previously that becoming the First Delaware Mountain Goat was a goal that had Jill crisscrossing the entire W3 Association looking for points (the points are NOT over here in eastern W3). But at some point that had resulted in another quite impressive accomplishment, which has gone totally unnoticed. Jill was at one point (and probably still is) the ONLY W3 Activator to have operated from and scored points in EVERY W3 region.

I just thought you would like to know.



Welcome to the Herd and hope you continue! Many times I’ve run to the radio to hear your pleasant voice calling CQ, and usually a contact results! Your station’s very effective, and you’re good at navigation and logistics in areas far afield.

I’ve been amazed at your multiple-summit efforts!

Great Job - and please continue!




Congrats and welcome to the herd, Jill !

Ken, K6HPX and Kay, KE7BGM


Well done and congratulations Jill pleasure to work you when conditions allow.
73 Don G0RQL.


Heartiest congratulations on making MG. Nice return to your first summit. You make us a herd of three in W3, all in less than a year. Hurray.
Ad multa cacumina!
David - N3II



Congrats and welcome to the herd!

Paul W6PNG


Congratulations! Honored to have been a chaser for a few of your summits.

73 Paula k9ir


Congratulations, Jill, on your new status as a MG! A lot of work (and fun) and expense involved in getting there!

Dave, AE9Q


Congrats Jill! You have been on an impressive pace to reach MG. Welcome to the herd,
Mike NS1TA


Well done Jill. I was glad to meet you on your 1000th point!
Scott KW4JM


Thank all of you - I wouldn’t be an amateur radio operator if not for SOTA.

I have never done HF that wasn’t also SOTA.

I started without knowing anyone or anything about amateur radio, the idea just popped in my head and I decided to learn it. (That’s not unusual for me.) I searched YouTube and found a SOTA video that described SOTA and the equipment you needed. (I’m a long time backpacker, so hiking amateur radio seemed the thing for me.)

I studied, bought equipment (Yaesu FT857) and turned it on [simplified description for brevity]. I started with VHF and listened to a man talk about raising potatoes for several hours and thought “I’ve made a mistake”. (Too much noise and antenna restrictions at home for an HF antenna.)

I pressed on with SOTA, and went out to Welsh Mountain (the only SOTA summit within 70km radius). I got all set up and sat in the middle of the woods, started to get very nervous about getting on the air. Then I pushed myself and started making contacts. The rest you know.

Let me just say that SOTA chasers are amazing! The feeling you get when you can’t get a spot out and they find you anyway - is like angels descending from heaven!

Thank all of you for all your help.

My plan forward is to shift from driving hard towards a goal, to relaxing & trying (& failing sometimes) different setups. Also shifting from my FT857 to a KX2 and lightening my pack - taking hikes that include SOTA, rather than SOTA only hikes. That means lower power - so, I hope I don’t get too frustrated. :wink:



Outstanding achievement Jill, many congrats and looking forward to logging more QSO’s with you in the future!
Keith KR7RK


Congratulations Jill and welcome to the herd! Now relax, focus on other aspects of SOTA and remember…Keep Calm and call CQ SOTA. Best 73’s Dean ~ K2JB


Congratulations Jill. I was sure happy to work you on 75M on ur MG day - couldn’t hear a peep on 40M.

73 Rich N4EX



during your MG run, I specifically remember when you activated W3/SV-036 in a snow storm.

congrats again!
73, de Bill, N3JIX


I remember well - I could actually hear every time ice crystals hit my antenna. plink, plink, plink

But that was a 593m summit that I contacted ZL1BYZ - New Zealand! So, I learned not to let snow storms deter me.


Hopefully never too late to say Bravo, Jill! Well earned!

73, Steve wGOAT