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N1ZF reached 1000 Activator Points


Congratulations on reaching Mountain Goat, Paul. Thanks for the many Activations and QSOs.

73, Bruce W2SE


Thank you much, Wunder. This is possibly too much info about my learning process, but because I had seen elsewhere a recommendation for 58 feet as a β€œbest” number, I started at 58.5 feet and started tuning and trimming. I found joy with a KX3 tuner on 80M through 10M at 51.5 feet, using the SOTABeams wire with a 0.97 vf spec. Guess I could have saved some time.

Thank you!



Hello N0MAP,
You got me thinking about whether the extra wire is worth it, so I downloaded my complete log and checked who chased me on 80M who never chased me on 60M. There were many who worked me on 60M, and never on 80M, but there were only 5 who had worked me on 80M who never worked me on 60M. That said, it will only be another 10 feet of wire to be able to do both.

Paul - N1ZF