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N Wales Report


Friday,Holyhead Mountain and Mynydd Bodafon,both 2M only due to lack of time and a very cold day. Found a lost group on Holyhead Mountain heading towards the quarry edge,very cold and trying to find the way back to Holyhead so took them as far as the cafe in the quarry without going over the edge! Few takers on either top so a S2S with M3JWZ/P on LD013 and helpful locals provided contacts to get us out of the cold.
Saturday, Off to the rally,much smaller than previous years. No SOTA stall and as we were expecting to do a couple of hours if there was one we are still munching our way through a chocolate cake (no hardship).After the rally we decided to do a quick activation of Great Orme in the gathering gloom. The wind was gale force from the north and we sheltered behind a small concrete bunker close to the trig,sitting on a steel cover. Again speed was needed and an S2S with G6LKB was just missed as Dave was outside the activation zone but reported nice wx at home.
Sunday, Tal Y Fan and a proper activation. The gated road from Rowen had a notice just beyond the village stating that the road was to be closed by the Water Board from, I think, 29/10/08 but can’t remember the period. As the actual Road Closed sign was by the side rather than blocking the road and there was no immediate turning place we pressed on and reached the parking place by the stile with no problem but it might be wise to check or use the longer route in for the next few weeks. Some snow on the top but we settled out of the wind and managed two hours before the cold drove us off.
Monday. Moel Gyw, Foel Fenlli and Moel Famau. Here again short activations because of time. Plenty of chaser trade though from all three including a S2S from Moel Famau with Mike GW0DSP on Hope Mtn before his batteries died. A bad accident had closed the M6 on the way home but we detoured through Preston and made our local radio club (Furness Amateur Soc) at just before 9 o’clock.
Apologies for the lack of HF operations I guess I’m not as young as I used to be.
On a local note the Corney Fell road is reported closed by roadworks so if you’re up this way it’s the coast road or nothing. adds quite a bit of time to the trip. Suggestions are for up to a month closure but I’ll keep you all posted


In reply to G4RQJ:
Nice report Rob. I have found a mixture in one part of your report. I found a callsign saying MW0DSP, I’m sure that was suppose to be GW0DSP.

Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to G4RQJ:

Nice to get the s2s with you from LD-013 Rob, pleased I was able to help you get out of the cold :slight_smile: I certainly wasn’t expecting you to pop up when you did. The wind was very gusty on LD-013, one minute it would be nice and i’d get the beam set and the next a gust would come along and blow the beam around.
Fortunately I’d managed to find myself a semi shetered spot behind some rocks although the flask of hot chocolate was very welcome that day - the snow made an ideal cupholder!

Iain, M3WJZ


In reply to M3WJZ:

Same here Rob, it was great to catch you s2s from NW-062.

Jimmy was right about my callsign by the way, probably just a typo.



In reply to GW0DSP:
Yes,sorry for the typo,thanks Jimmy