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My first 2m/70cm SSB activation


Well, it looks like it will happen. I have adjusted my activation time in the alert to one hour earlier than originally posted: it is now 1700z (+/-).

Thanks, in advance, to any chaser who can help me with my first 2m/70cm activation!


I’ll be looking for you S2S from Mt Konocti.


I hope we’ll finally be able to have have a successful QSO, Mel! It seems like we’ve tried a number of times.


Well, the 2m/70cm SSB part of the activation fell through, although I did log HF and 2m FM contacts. I will post an explanation in a separate activation report (a month late).

In the meantime, I hope to make a new attempt tomorrow on Point Reyes Hill (W6/CC-071) tomorrow (8/31). I will likely operate HF SSB as well.



The September VHF contest is coming up in a few weeks and there will be a lot of action on VHF SSB/CW. It is a great time to activate a SOTA summit.

Last year I made 137 QRP VHF (6/2/432) contacts from a SOTA summit here in Arizona, so u should be able to do real well over in California.

Way to much fun!




This didn’t go so well for me. I just posted an account in the Activation Reports category.