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My end of active chasing


you best live in Alaska for a while to complete those. Have any of them been activated yet?


Mariusz, you have been my first SOTA contact ever – this year on May 5, on my home hill. And the sound of your voice has become familiar over some activations in the meantime. Thanks for these 30 contacts, and enjoy whatever you’ll do next!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


I’m sorry for that decision…correctly and quite enough 10W for chasers…
thank you for all QSO !

72! Ivica / 9a6cw


Hello Mariusz.
My english is also poor but just enough to make you change your mind.
You are my third favorite chaser … On my two last activations we did QSO.
It’s always a good fun, because i’m always sure to hear you between big signals.
Stay with us, and please play again. i like to send my " cfm Mariusz 73 tu ee "
My next activation on saturday, You can’t let us alone on the air … :wink:


Hi Mariusz

Thanks for the sota QSO’s it was always worth calling on an empty band as I knew you would listen and try for the contact.
Took a while with my CW capabilities to get used to the call but now that I have worked you on many an activation it’s easier to pick you out from the noise.
Hope to return the favour when you are out for an activation.



Dear SP9AMH, Mariusz

In the last 4 years I have been chased by you 28 times, on the bands of 10m->20m, including one psk31 contact, which is not too bad!!!

I’m always happy to talk to anyone during my sota activations, sharing wx information, working conditions or describing the wonderful views. This is especially so, during these last years when propagation is being poor and pile-ups are smaller. Also, I always pay a little more attention to weak signal, due to the fact that they may bring us some distant surprise as a far DX.

In my case my personal goals are located outside SOTA, but these last years I have combined this ham radio hobby with my other passions that are mountain races. This time following a new methodology to break the monotony of my long training sessions.

If you would allow me this comment, I do not think I will lose my interest in this hobby because new opening ideas are always discovered to be upgraded yourself.

I’ll be looking forward to adding your callsign in my logs soon.
73 eb2gkk, Inaki.


Hi Mariusz,

You will certainly be missed by me. Even at 0600z and sometimes earlier, you called me with your amazing QRP signal. Many thanks for our 137 contacts. Hopefully, we will meet on the bands real soon…

73 Mike


Hi Mariusz!
I am glad to hear that from the beginning of the new year you’ll work SOTA as a real hobbyist!!! Life is not only chasing SOTA summits after all. So in this way I do not feel the need to say good bye to a fellow who goes on as “normal chaser”! Me, as a hobbyist, I wait to copy you, as a chaser, in future activations! Thank you for all QSOs until now and for the future ones, more valuable, as few and far between!!!
73 de SV2OXS, Christos.


Hi Mariusz, ignore the comments re the way SOTA is run and that the Acivator is king - those points have been discussed on many threads already and I’m sure will continue to do so.

Please take away from the replies on this thread the fact that lots of people will miss you being there as a regular chaser but also that people here agree and support your decision to chase less if it brings you stress.

As I said earlier I’ll miss you calling back when I activate but also it’s good that you will continue to chase “at your own pace” and hopefully reduce stress. Stress is a killer (literally).

all the best 'til the next contact 73 Ed.


Hi Mariusz

sorry to hear that we will miss your constant signals in the future. For my part it was always a pleasure to have you in my log (334 times…!!) and i recognized your distinctive code usually after the “SP…” - even when the signal was weak.
It has become more difficult lately with poor conditions - but this is part of the game.
I would like to thank you for all the contacts and i do hope to hear again from you from time to time.

All the best to you and yours - a happy New Year.
73 s Bruno HB9CBR


Hallo Mariusz!

I had from 2014 to 2017 97 Sota aktivations, on 47 of these you have chased me, sometimes at bad conditions! The “holy management” has deleted in Tyrol 500 summits, now we have only a few summits for “normal people” the 400 new summits are mostly for extreme climbers.
Thanks for all contacts!
All the Best, 73 Holger OE7HPI


Pity the poor Management Team, we get moaned at for deleting summits that by the rules should never have been on the list in the first place, and we get moaned at because the new summits are too hard. We even get moaned at because some summits are too easy, and to cap it all we get moaned at sometimes because there are no summits. We just can’t win. Never mind, we love you guys anyway!


didn’t you know the MT is responsible for all tectonic activity! lol :grin:


Dear Mariusz,

You are my regular chaser on many summits. Last Sunday we worked twice.
I will miss your signal if you stop.

73 and hope to hear you in my next activation.

Tonnie, de PA9CW


Hi Mariusz,
I hope you do hang in there, the solar conditions should improve with a little time. I very much appreciate the many Q’s that we have had, often close to the noise level and limited only by the ability of “old cloth ears” here in the UK. You have demonstrated an ability to be heard even with many other station calling in.
I am not a QRP man, but I do appreciate having to fight for a wanted contact and the virtues of CW have been regularly demonstrated. On my last activation a few days ago I made over 10 Q’s on 40m CW and none on 40m SSB.

Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku



Hi Mariusz,

I am very sorry to read about your decision. There are 37 summits I activated so far and I was pretty sure that you are my top chaser. But the exact figures speak for themselves:

You were virtually always there when I was on. We only missed each other when I was using the higher bands, where the skip distance isn’t suitable for the distance between us.
Sometimes you were the last one on the frequency, sending an extra ‘73’ before I went QRT. And you were already there when I showed up on the next summit.

I’ll definitely miss your company on the summits and I hope I’ll be hearing your call sign in the future! It will be my pleasure - as it always was in the past.

And - by the way - on many occasions your signal wasn’t weak at all.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

72, Roman- DL3TU


We all have up’s and down’s, likes and dislikes. Forget points, collect fun. Deep in your soul you are HAM!
We need QRP promotors like you!

best 72 cuagn


Hi, Mariusz.

I have never posted on this site so far, but will do it now. Thanks for all QSO so far! This is hobby and it should not be exhaustive. I can understand that higher chaser rating is not motivating you anymore, probably this is because you have already reached the top! Take it easy and move on to the activator side. Hope to work you this year last activation. Happy new year!

73 de LB8CG Misha.


Many thanks Mariusz for the QSOs from just about every HF activation I have done!
I hope you find a way to continue to participate in some way.
73, have a merry & restful Christmas.
Gareth - G0MFR


I agree completely Mariusz. I think that SOTA is the perfect QRP sport and if we can hear an activator, we should be able to work him/her with QRP. This is typically weak signal work and for me that is a big part of the challenge. I operate exclusively QRP (5 watts output) whether activating or chasing - my choice. Others may certainly have different opinions.

Randy, ND0C