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MW-032 Upper Park


I would be up for trail run up Upper Park GW/MW-032 and activate it when the trial passes activation zone on hand held and rubber duck as I can probably walk just as fast as the runners on the trail. However I don’t think it will be possible for me to take part in the run as my dad Tom M1EYP is very slow at walking up the hills.

Jimmy M0HGY


Fancy a game of squash son? Who do you think would win?


I think to be fair you are better at squash than me, but I am faster than you on the hills.

Jimmy M0HGY


Who would drive the steam roller?:grinning:


Off topic alert.


Hi Rod, it was was definitely held this year. Saturday 14th May 2017. Wish I’d spotted it earlier!

The link contains the results for 2016, they don’t appear to have published the 2017 results yet.


It may be worth contacting the organising group of this ladies run to ask what safety checkpoints they have along the route in case someone stumbles or can’t make the full 10 kilometres. A “check them through by number” arrangement at the highest point on the course, relaying this information back to the start/finish control on 2 metres (to another amateur based there) while a second operator at the checkpoint covers the HF SOTA activation (if the check point can be within the AZ). This could be benificial to both parties.

Just a thought …

73 Ed.


About as relevant as Jurgen Klopp saying “we would beat them at netball any day”.


Bad news. After making enquiries last year I was told a decision on staging the race over Upper Park would be made in early 2018.

I asked again a couple of days ago and now jave my reply. No race in 2018.

So this activation avenue is now closed for at least 2018.