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Longest Distance to Qualify a Summit


That world be the true distance but ISTR that even for EME they give the SP distance between the points on the earth.


And if claiming LP distances, do we just claim the one, or - if we hear a faint echo after another lap of the planet, shall we claim the LP + 20000 distance?

I have walked up The Cloud G/SP-015 from the nearest parking spot on Red Lane - an 8 minute ascent - on more than one occasion… :wink:

I have also walked up it starting the hike at my home QTH - a walk of several hours. The points are the same.

Make things more complicated and more challenging if you like, but the core scheme remains simple and objective.


I’ve worked G4OBK from here in GM via LP for some 39600km contacts. In fact longer as there were many round the world echoes at times. But it’s not feasible to verify. You could try to claim LP based on time of day, recorded ionograms showing likelyhood of a path etc. but it’s going to be difficult to be sure. So SP is really the only measure for this. As I wrote, they do SP distance for EME still and ignore the extra 476000miles the signal has travelled and the 250dB loss on the path.


But perhaps one day a Lunar summit might be activated…


Don’t think it has much to do with the effort in getting to the Activation point. If the band is only open LP to a certain area at that time of day, how can it be a SP contact.

Believe me at 06:00 to 08:00 in VK6 or any other VK area, point your beams short path to Europe and you hear stuff all. Point them LP its a different story.

Had a listen for you LP :slight_smile: on Saturday nothing heard.


John VK6NU


True enough John, but that’s not the argument here. We are not questioning whether it is a SP, LP, multi-echo or Moonbounce path; just the direct surface distance between the two ends of the QSO, for reasons of objectivity alone.

Andy’s multi-echo QSO with Phil (example above) is a perfect example of how silly it could get otherwise.


Of course, for an award you would want a multiplier based on the summit score. So a 3000km QSO from a 10pt summit would score 30000 and 16500km QSO from a 1pt summits would score 16500. Otherwise you are not rewarding the effort someone put in climbing the high scoring summit.



I wondered how long it would be before someone brought up multipliers…


Someone drives on to a 10 pointer and works the world, then sees his score multiplied into the stratosphere…No drive on 10 pointers in the UK, that I’m aware of…


Not legally at least!


Note the hashtag at the end of Andy’s post Mickey. I think he’s being ironic :wink:


My result S2S:

VK3PF 15146 24854
VK3ARH 15261 24739
VK7JON 15234 24766
VK1MIC 15217 24783
VK1DA 15203 24797
VK1AD 15186 24814
VK6NU 12454 27546
TOTAL 103701 176299