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Logging M Wave contacts


Dear SOTA Database TimeLords,

I entered my MVave contact as per the log and got an invalid location in the database. What did I do wrong?




You put spaces in the data when none are expected.

%QTH%-33.1250, 149.3250%

should be



Blxxxxy fussy database. I’ll try again.
Please accept my humble apologies for wasting your time!


It worked.
202KM with 1 W of FM on 1.294 GHz. The other end had a little bit more. Check out VK2JDS at QRZ.com.



Ah Microwave!! I wondered whether you were on Medium Wave (630m) with the heading!!

Well done on 200+ KM with just 1w of FM on 23cms!

73 Ed.


Not really. The strings are found using a series of regexes which check for signed numbers or numbers using N S E W for the lat & long. The regex can be easily (hahahahah!) expanded to allow whitespace around the “,” in the specifier. Shouldn’t be hard to allow a floating number of spaces in the string. It’s never been needed before.