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Liz, K1LIZ New MG


Congratulations to you LIZ on your Mountain Goat accomplishment!
I have worked Ron many times on CW.When I see your spot I’ve gone to the frequency to try to hear your voice,but I can not understand the words on SSB even with all the filters I have! That is why I only work CW!
Its even hard to understand people talking just ask my wife! Hi! Hi!
I’am deaf in one ear and only hear a bit in the other,Great to have amps and headphones!
I guess I could blame the Marine Corps and being in Viet Nam! But that’s Life!

   God Bless you Liz.
          73 N2ESE Gary


Liz, congratulations on achieving MG status. Huge accomplishment. pleased to have been a chaser for a few of your activations.

73 Paula k9ir


Congrats Liz on achieving Mountain Goat status. Sorry I missed you that day but I’m sure I’ll have you in my log on many more occasions.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Congratulations, Liz.What a great accomplishment! It is always a pleasure to work you, even with weak signals. Keep up the good work.

Phil, NS7P


Congratulations Liz!

As a chaser I’ve taken delight in hearing your crisp, professional voice reaching out here on 20M! Many times you’ve stuck with me until we could log our contact! Your accomplishment is wonderful!
You’re in many of my logs!

As an activator I’m impressed by the number and quality of your activations - you and Ron have done an amazing job!




Congratulations Liz!

Roland K7FOP


Wow Liz this is awesome. I have enjoyed meeting you on the air. See you at Roan Mtn soon! Scott kw4jm


Congratulations Liz! You are an inspiration to me as well as to all other activators and chasers. I am so pleased to be able to call you and Ron friend. Looking forward to seeing you soon at the campout. 73s my Dear Friend, --John. KJ4ZFK


Big congratulations, Liz!
Achieving MG is hard work and doing it being blind is something absolutely admirable.
My full recognition, Liz.
We’ve never had QSO up to now, but I hope this will change sometime soon.



What a great, inspiring achievement!
Congratulations Liz and Ron for doing it together.
Best 73’s!
Zoran / E70AA


Congratulations Liz! I tried to work you on your MG summit but could not hear you. I look forward to meeting you and Ron this weekend at the W4C SOTA Camp-out at Roan Mt. State Park.

Derek, WF4I


Congratulations K1LIZ, glad to have chased/S2S with you on at least a couple of occasions!!


Goatworthy BRAVO! Hooves up!
…and 3-headbutts from us goats Steve/wGOAT, Peanut & Boo

Welcome to the herd, Liz!!




Congratulations Liz! What a wonderful accomplishment. I don’t think we’ve ever worked but I’m looking forward to working you on a summit sometime soon.


Mike - ke5akl