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Latest VA2SG video


… of saturday’s activation is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFok4JdoIBk

73 and thanks all for contacts.



In reply to VA2SG:
Good video as usual. Definitely “food for thought”. We need to get more new blood in North American SOTA. I am fairly new to SOTA, and I have not been through a SOTA winter yet. Over here in the “new world”, it may get pretty lean for activations and chasers as the weather turns cold and wet. Let’s find ways to improve that situation. Thanks for your SOTA efforts.

Phil, NS7P


In reply to NS7P:


I have been talking up SOTA at the last few hamfests I have attended as a tailgater while selling some no longer used gear. As an aside, I have set up my SOTA station and handed out fliers. As a direct result Don, K4YND has made his first activation.

My plan now is to set up a dedicated SOTA display at FrostFest in Richmond, VA usually held in early February. A SOTA flag as a backdrop, some hand out material, A few select videos from VA2SG, WG0AT or K0MOS with their permission and a station set up for show and tell.

There was some talk about doing something like this at Dayton, but I am hesitant to commit to that due to too many unknowns with my work schedule.

Dayton would involve some expense and effort for most, so maybe a local approach by some of us in NA will increase SOTA awareness.

73, Chuck K4QS


In reply to K4QS:

Hi Chuck,

Those are good ideas. I was thinking of something at the Salem, OR ham swap meet in October; but it is on the Saturday of the NA SOTA weekend (10/22-23). I will target the Salem ham Fair in February. I also will explore doing a SOTA presentation at a monthly meeting of the Eugene, OR ham club. I think I remember hearing that Guy, N7UN, has a PowerPoint presentation on SOTA. I will check with him on that. Where do you get the fliers, etc.?

Phil, NS7P


In reply to NS7P:

Phil, the NA yahoo group files section for flyers.

Power point, I am not sure.


In reply to VA2SG:

Guy’s Power Point should be there too.

Chuck K4QS


In reply to K4QS:

I may be dense, but I found no files in the SummitsNA yahoo group. The Summits yahoo group has files. However, I did not see a handout type flier, and the PPT is a bit out of date (and maybe a touch Euro-centric). Are there others?

Phil, NS7P


In reply to NS7P:

Phil, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nasota/messages . Then on the menu on the left select “Files”. In that folder is the SOTA brochure as well as the Powerpoint presentation.

Regards, Guy/N7UN


In reply to N7UN:


Thanks. I was in a group called SummitsNA, not nasota. Got them.

Phil, NS7P