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Land's End and back


Thanks to everyone who supported me last weekend on my DC sprint. It’s a long way down there but the support made it worthwhile. As per my last few activations, I camped overnight – but on a campsite this time. This style of outing certainly allows me to make most use of the day as I was on the road by 7.15am on Sunday morning suitably rested - and the long journey home was much less difficult.

I’m adding summit info to the database, but a few comments are best made here.

The weather was excellent with just a little cloud early Saturday morning and only a few drops of rain. High Willhays, Watch Croft and Brown Willy I really enjoyed. The others? Mmm…. Spectacular in it’s current ugliness is Hensbarrow “hill”. Prospective activators should note that it is one big spoil heap courtesy of the China Clay industry and that the highest point is currently about 1/4 of a mile SSE of the trig point. I climbed as far up this mound as I could, whilst staying on the part that has been seeded. From here, I had a bird’s eye view of the trig point well below me. Different, eh?

Congratulations to those who made it on all seven summits on 2m – namely G3OHC, G4FUJ, M0JDK, G0NES and G0TRB. Sorry I managed to miss G3RMD on Kit Hill – but at least we made it on 5 MHz for the set. Christ Cross was a bit of a disappointment on 2m. It didn’t seem a very good site so I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Otherwise, the total of those with a clean sweep would have been higher.

S2S with GW4OIG/P (GW/SW-017), G0PEB/P (G/SE-008) and 2W0KPO/P (GW/NW-002) were very welcome. Best DX was GM1CNH/P (578km) with ON4CAP second (516km).

73, Richard


In reply to G4ERP:
Many thanks for doing this “DC Sprint” Richard and providing all 7 summits in a weekend, that’s brilliant - well done to you !
Special thanks for Christ Cross which was the last DC I needed, but I was pleased to work you on all 7 of course !!

73 es tnx agn - Graham


In reply to G3OHC:

Hi, Graham.

It was a pleasure. Hearing the magic words “It’s a new one” helps makes it all worthwhile.

See you next time out.



In reply to G4ERP:

A brilliant expedition Richard, thanks for all the summits. I’m pleased to hear that you really enjoyed this tour. Well done.



In reply to G4ERP:
Brilliant! :o)
6 uniques for me. Good to work you on all 7 summits.
Gave me 6 new WAB areas on vhf too.
Well worth not finishing servicing the Land Rover to get these ‘in the log’.

73, Graham, G4FUJ


Hi Richard,
I noted your proposed “sprint” alerts with interest on Saturday, and I am very glad all went well. It has been on the cards for a while to travel down to High Willhays and it looks like I should be down there on Saturday 19th July.
This will probably be the hardest of my limited amount of activations so far, so I would appreciate any advice regards this summit. How long did it take to climb as I would like to post an alert so as to maximise my chances of making contacts. I have an FT817 and a Sota beam so I hope to make contacts on 144.300 SSB.
Any advice gratefully received


In reply to G4FUJ and GW0DSP:

Hi, both. Thanks.

For obvious reasons (leave preservation) it had to be a weekend - which meant that those like me who work daytimes had the opportunity to bag the DCs.

It was the last weekend opportunity before the holiday season starts. Next weekend would have been a no-no! As it was, the roads were pretty quiet.



In reply to M0SPC:

Hi, Colin.

I was typing at the same time as you - I think.

I’ve just posted a route under the summit details for DC-001. Let me know if it isn’t clear and I’ll see if I can help.

Enjoy it - and good luck with the traffic next weekend.

73, Richard


Hi Richard,

Great posting exactly the info I was looking for, could you just give me some idea how long from parking up the accent took ?.



In reply to M0SPC:

Hi, Colin.

I’m reluctant to “set a target” as everyone is different. FWIW it took exactly 60 minutes but I would allow longer. I usually allow 10 to 15 minutes for a comfort break after a long journey and for the usual kitting-up etc.

Rather than worry about arrival times, I would recommend the SOTA Lite self-spotting system via a mobile 'phone and concentrate on enjoying the walk.

GL and enjoy the super countryside. If you get the chance, go for DC-002 as well. You won’t be disappointed.

73, Richard



Many Thanks for all info, looking forward to the weekend.



In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard
Many thanks for the 7/7!, pleased you enjoyed the weekend and had a safe return, trust you are not too stiff today back in front of the grindstone!
Don [G0NES]


In reply to G4ERP:

Thanks for the three I got you on Richard, unfortunately work got in the way for the rest, but the three I worked you on, at 290.5, 312.3 and 313.3 km respectively, must be my best two metre SOTA DX so far this year, under flat conditions. Bearing in mind that my 10 element Jaybeam is only 12 feet off the ground, my QTH is only about 86ft ASL and I was beaming through the whole of Wales, also my noise floor in that direction is horrendous as I pick up hash from all the computers in the house some of which are higher than the antenna, I have to say you did a marvellous job.

Cheers Steve GW7AAV 73


In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard,

Well done - super activation!

Thanks for the two I caught you on from home. It just shows how good your kit is in that you can hear me on Carnmenellis DC-006 with my 5 element indoors! Very pleased to catch you on Watch Croft for the S2S as well on Sunday.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG, GW7AAV, G0NES et al:

It was a pleasure. I get a kick out of seeing what we can do from these more remote summits. I’m sure you’re the same, Gerald. Once a DX’er …

Also warranting a mention were three QSOs with Nick G0HIK in Cumbria, four with Dave G0ELJ who I believe runs an indoor antenna and six with 2E0PXW, G4DJJ and G4JZF. All great stuff.

I trust the expedition went well, Gerald. B & B or camping I wonder?

73, Richard


In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard,

“Right luxury!” The St Clears Travelodge actually - that was the reason for the Sunday / Monday activation as the rooms were £19 each. That’s a lot less time, effort and cost than driving back home and out again. The itinerary didn’t allow a lie in though - up at 05:30 local and away by 06:00 for a first activation two hours later. Breakfast in wind and rain at the parking spot for MW-011 consisted of cereal bars and a drink.

All good fun! Yes, I was “accused” of enjoying myself on several occasions!

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:


Sorry about the rain. On the plus side, at least you weren’t under canvas. I noticed the cloud building from the W as the day went on. Hopefully it saw the midges off.

To anyone else reading this (why would they?) - I’ve finished adding the summit info for the DCs to the database. I hope they all make sense.

BTW Hensbarrow Beacon’s highest point is shown on my GPS-based contours mapping as over 350m - some 50m above the OS trig point. I guess we wait for OS or the Marilyns chaps to decide what to do about this growing hill.



In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard

Thanks for the summit info, I hope to make my own assault on the Southwesterly Seven once the Grockle-hunting season is over.

Re Hensbarrow Beacon - is an activation from the trig point valid, even though more than 25m below the highest point? It seems far as the RHB people are concerned, and our own summit information, the summit is still at 312m, the “man-made” bit doesn’t count. Unless anyone else knows different…

73 de Paul G4MD


In reply to G4ERP:

BTW Hensbarrow Beacon’s highest point is shown on my GPS-based
contours mapping as over 350m - some 50m above the OS trig point.

Hi Richard,

This is the china clay spoil, so man made and not natural… I could say your activation was invalid as you were outside the 25m activation zone, but I think you’ll be spared the chop having done the climb, Hi! I operated within the AZ based on the trig and it was much more difficult on VHF than your position would have been.

Something really needs to be done about the landscape around there, but I doubt the finance is available in the present economic climate and maybe not even if things were going well. It will need Central Government funding to correct the eye-sore.

73, Gerald

P.S. The midges on Hirfyndd were the one and only low point of the expedition, especially as I am allergic to them. Must get some of that Avon product the military use.


In reply to G4OIG, G4MD:

An interesting one - and for amusement’s sake only, I can’t remember the wording in the regs regarding the 25m rule. I bet it doesn’t mention locations geater than 25m ABOVE the summit!

As you say, Gerald, I climbed the reclamation land for it’s better VHF takeoff. I was rather taken aback when I saw it! Actually, I think the area will look a lot better once the grass has become established. They have also planted lots of trees on the opposite side of the road.