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KK4NQQ Actication today of Roundtop Mt


Thanks to everyone that tried to spot me. I have my General test tomorrow so I hope to be on some other bands besides 10m! I took some GOPRO video of the bushwack to the summit and I will post it as soon as I can get to it.



Well no luck with the video, my GOPRO’s Micro SD card is giving me fits. But I did do a quick write up on my blog, check it out!



In reply to KK4NQQ:
Hi John. Enjoyed your latest update. I did an exhausting snow show hike up Mt Islip CT-010, got a cut on my hand but doesn’t match yours :wink:

You should join the following yahoo group, all sorts of things going on:

73, Hal


In reply to KK4NQQ:
That’s great news that you’re taking your general test. Good luck with passing that test and we’ll be looking forward to hearing you on other HF bands that will get into most of the country during the daytime hours. Haven’t been able to hear you here in the midwest on 10 meters on any of your activations so far.

Hope to work you soon on 40 or 20 meters.

Gary a. - W0MNA