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KG3W 50K Chaser Points!


Congratulations to Scotty, KG3W, for just going over 50K chaser points! Well done!! Walt NE4TN


Awesome Scotty! Way to go my friend! Thanks for all the contacts over the years.

73, Brad


Way to go Scotty! Thanks for 505 Qs in my log. Always a pleasure.

73, Dan


WOW! Congratulations, Scotty for your 50K achievement!! Thank you for being there for me on so many summits! It’s always good to have you in the log.

73, Dave


Thanks for being there Scotty when I fire up the rig.
Steve. K7PX


Congratulations Scotty on achieving 50’000 chaser point.

Jimmy M0HGY


Well done Scotty. That achievement represents a lot of dedicated radio time as a chaser. Keep up the good work.
Gary A. - W0MNA


Congrats Scotty. Hope to cu Friday!
Bill, K0MP


Congratulations Scotty on the 50K milestone. You are my #4 top chaser with 53 Q’s so far. Thanks for being there.
73 Gary W5ODS


Congratulations, Scotty! It’s always a pleasure to hear your signal way out here in the Southwest!

Paul K9PM


Thanks Walt for posting. I really enjoy chasing everyday ,as so many of us do. Thanks to our friends across the pond for conceiving this wonderful , fun, hobby. To the men and women who drag their equipment up the hills and mountains in all kinds of weather; we thank you for your effort . Been chasing for over 5 years and it still feels fresh each morning. Hope to continue this fun for many years as new people get hooked . And the wheels on the bus go round and round. 73 everyone have a safe and happy new year. de Scotty KG3W


Always a pleasure to hear your call in the mix.



Scotty, good work and congrats. You are always loud here in Arizona, when you are in the chase.

Tommy W7RV


Congratulations Scotty. Even more impressive that you have done most if not all using QRP.

73 Rich N4EX



Thank you for being such a loyal chaser. You’ve helped me many times with spots and info, well beyond the normal quick exchange.

You’ve also surprised me a couple of times recently with calls on 40M during the middle of the day - from PA to CO is a long way.

Looking forward to many more SOTA contacts!



Wow! Congrats! Happy to have you in my log.



I just looked in my log and sure enough, there he is :D.

Outstanding achievement! Congrats and thank you!

Steve W2SWA


Thanks for the QSOs Scotty! Most memorable was when I was SSB and you called me with CW QRP! 73 Hal n6jzt


Fantastic work Scotty!

73 and see you down the log,

Keith KR7RK


Impressive milestone, Scotty.
Congrats and thanks for the 7 times you chased me (2 in 2015 and 5 in 2016).
I’ve also heard you many times chasing other activators.
Always a pleasure!
Keep doing this well.