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KB1RJC & KB1RJD NA's newest MG's


Very congrats to you both for this hard to achieve milestone.



Congratulations, Merle and Herm!
Peter KD0YOB


Some people aspire to be beauty queens. Some people aspire to be CEOs. Sota people want to be a goat. My husband, Ron, KI4TN, and I want to congratulate our friends, Merle and Herm, for achieving Mountain Goat status. We wanted so badly to chase you guys on that magical summit that made you a goat but my husband was hospitalized with an unexpected illness (he is much better now). We wish you the best and hope to hear you on the air soon.

Liz, K1LIZ


Merle and Herm are Good People! Congratulations on your awesome achievement!

Dave, AE9Q


Congratulations Merle and Herm Way to go Thanks for the points


Well done and welcome to the NA herd (or gang, or flock or whatever we are called…).



Well done You Two! A great accomplishment. I always enjoy your contacts. Scott kw4jm


Nice to hear this news. Congratulations and also thanks for all your chasing.
Hope to work you both many times.
Alan, NM5S






Congrats folks! It’s been a while since we’ve had a qso, I wish I could get out more often.


Again, so very happy for the two of you. You worked very hard to complete this achievement. Looking forward to working you on your next summit. All the best… de Scotty


Thank you all for the kind words.
Back home from our MG trip and 12 summits-worth of QSOs. Data input is complete!
There cannot be a nicer, more congenial group than this SOTA family. Always so willing to help.
For us, getting to 1,000 activator points was not even a consideration, until, after years the numbers started to rise.
We’d still be short if not for being saved from failure so many times so many times by many of you.
We have had the pleasure of meeting and hiking with some as well as enjoying visits by others coming to the White Mts. of NH.
SOTA has taken us to places we never would have gone and provided many adventures. The combination of SOTA and ARES makes our amateur radio experience broad and fulfilling.
Merle is especially proud to be female goat #3 and being the third couple is nice too. Perhaps we are also the "most senior"
Again, we thank each of you for being there.
Merle KB1RJD and Herm KB1RJC