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K7MAS MG Milestone


A big congrats to Mark/K7MAS for achieving MG on Thursday, August 9th. It was an impressive summit for a mountaineer and radio man; Tamanos Mountain is a spectacular craggy summit within Mt. Rainier National Park, W7W/RS-015. Onward/upward!



Congratulations Mark! MG is an impressive achievement.

Michael KX6A


Congratulations Mark and well done!

Paul K9PM


Congratulations Matt on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations Mark on achieving MG. I was happy to work both you and WW7D on Tamanos.
73 Rich N4EX


Congratulations, Mark. Good show.


Congrats and well deserved,



Congratulations Mark!
Welcome to the herd, and BAAA!



Thank You to all that congratulated me on MG Status. The enormity of the undertaking is just sinking in, and I’m convinced I could not have done it without the support of the Chaser Community, my XYL, who accompanied me on nearly 50% of my Activations (statistical analysis pending…), and many amongst you who have inspired and encouraged me.

73, mark, K7MAS


Congratulations Mark!
Gary K3TCU


Congratulations Mark.
Wish I could have worked you that day.
Outstanding achievement.


Congrats Mark on MG!
It was good to work you S2S
Kris K7DJL


Congratulations! 73 Bob AC1Z