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Improving HF Condx EU > USA


The quoted text says confirmed activation so that is only one contact.


Sorry typo - that should have said “SUMMITS” not “contacts”. (Now corrected).

In any case compare the two pages what they say are different and (IMHO) it’s probably better to link to one reference page rather than to quote again on the individual award pages. If you want to stay like that, then they should be consistant ( note both of the pages I gave URLs to are on the shopping site!) .

This all started off in response to what Larry K0RS said:
"Our QSO qualified me for global mountain hunter."

Which I queried as I had not heard of the “Global mountain hunter award” - at that point Lary said he had got it from the shoping site - I had been looking under the overview of awards under “Joining in” on the sota.org.uk site (i.e. the introduction pages to the award scheme). Later as you’ll see from the thread, Lary found the page on the shopping site that he had got the reference from. It was then that I saw the inconsistency in the different pages where the awards are listed and within the individual “buy” pages for the certificates. and I expressed the wish in Improving HF Condx EU > USA that the pages needed to be updated - in hindsight however I think it would be far better to have one location for the list of awards and their requirements to qualify and this page be linked to from all other places where the information is needed so that when changes are made, they are only made in one place. That is IT “best practice”.

In any case, this has gone way, way, way off the topic of improving DX conditions so we should all be happy about the improving conditions and I’ll shut up on this topic which will probably make everyone happy as well. win-win!

73 Ed.