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I'm so high, is this even legal?


Another highlight - there were so many. Was working Tadashi ja1vry. He was my very first DX a year ago and almost a year to the day on the same summit there he was.


Congratulations on the upgrade, Wade! As you know, no activation is complete without me in your log, but you sounded like you were having so much fun with the DX that I left you alone.

I wonder if anyone tried 10 mtrs? We had the Iranian radar into VK4 for hours on 10 - usually a precursor to some EU fun, but no takers here.

Strongest EU goat award here went to HB9EKO, though I don’t think he ever got my call correct. A bit of a struggle from here on the valley floor, with simple wire antennae. de John, VK4TJ


I think that works out at 17059km or 10662m on 5w to you… my longest haul ever clearly… just a little less for @G4OIG


I have to say John, a very poor showing from yourself! I expected another chopping board to chopping board QSO :stuck_out_tongue: I have to keep checking the antenna at home now I have done MASSIVE RF quieting work (ferrite’d the crap out of everything) and its SILENT… scary. Sorry to have missed you, Brett Vk2FSAV did tell me 10 was running but I was pretty knackered by then.



Just reviewed the footage - it’s rendering and uploading to YouTube now but you and @2E0YYY are both in it.


Video now ready: https://youtu.be/uCuuRY2ZSew


That’s amazing. We often hear that verticals have the edge for DX contacts, but your linked dipole Inverted-V certainly “did the business” yesterday!

73 Ed.


Only thing I take. Video on the channel of me making it. Thanks to the schooling of @VK1AD and @VK1DA who both got me into antenna building.


Great activation and great video, Wade! Thanks for the s2s-SSB-QSO! I got the information about your antenna that I asked in an email, so you don’t need to reply to that! Your signal rather sounded like 50 watts than 5.
So I will leave my little chinese PA (only 25w anyhow) at home next time and just use the full 10w from my kx2!
73 Chris DL4FO


Well done Wade, nice video and welcome to 20 metres. Nice to work you from VK6, now you’re on 20 metres get ready for the real DX. 66 Contacts is a great effort. Think my most was 57 but that was 2014 or 2015 and lots of European DX in that lot when the bands were good.

Only worked 20 meters this way on Saturday, 35 Qso’s and 19 S2S contacts with Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Some great VK signals heard during the event.

Look forward to working you again soon. Big DX Hunter in the making, I was like you about 25 years ago but have mellowed a bit now :slight_smile:


John VK6NU


Hi Wade! Many congrats on your licence upgrade, and even more congrats on your first SOTA DX-ing activation! I have just watched all 35 minutes of your video and I found it enthralling. No wonder you were thrilled! Probably the best SOTA video I have ever seen, and great publicity for the SOTA movement. :sunglasses:

It was great to hear my friend Mickey, 2E0YYY/P, coming through from down-under on your little FT817. Very appropriate that he was your first S2S contact on 20 metres.

I also use an FT817 and a 40m/20m link dipole for my SOTA activations, although most of my operations are on CW. Hope to catch up with you soon for an S2S contact with VK!

Good luck with your future activations.

Walt (G3NYY)


Thanks! I have really come to love my resonate linked inverted v. It’s a ripper.

Cheers. W


Thank you very much Walt. No greater compliment than having some one sit through a long video without being bored.



Thanks. Sadly no matter what I do I can’t kill the excitement. I love even working locals on 40m.



Wow! I have just viewed the video and it is absolutely brilliant to be able to hear myself being received so far away. I certainly don’t recall having been recorded at anything like that kind of distance in almost 50 years of amateur radio. Many thanks Wade. I shall remember this for the rest of my life.

73, Gerald G8CXK (aka G4OIG)


Gerald I am glad I fought the camera to make it work to capture it.

I will cut you a high resolution clip if you would like if just your section :smiley:

Thank you for the wonderful contact. Send me an email wade.vk1@gmail.com and I’ll get it to you.



Great, that would be superb Wade. I was listening when you worked Mike 2E0YYY and called in afterwards… I think listening to it again you can hear me in the background. By the way, I usually hate the sound of my own voice, but it sounds surprisingly good on the video - perhaps it matured with distance!

Will drop you an email.

73, Gerald G8CXK ( aka G4OIG )


Sorry for reviving a zombie post but would @G4OIG or @2E0YYY Mind receiving a QSL card if I sent one? I have never sent one before and only received one (@YO6PIB - Thank you to this day you are my old paper QSL card - while it is late I will, of course, send one in return to yours) now I have just ordered my first set




Hi Wade,

I would be pleased to send you a card for our S2S contact last March. It will be a one-off special as I don’t have any cards for G8CXK, but I do enjoy making up the individual QSLs.

I was aiming to catch up on my bureau QSLing for G4OIG while I was recouperating from my op, but life has been too hectic. Maybe I will manage this when the weather deteriorates and my commitments elsewhere decrease. Apologies to everyone still waiting!

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK.


Well the cards have arrived and yours is written and waiting to wind its way through the QSL Card universe to you.