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HobbyKing: LiFEPO batteries not showing


Similar, but that has an Australian mains plug. Mine has a UK plug but the IMAX-B6 is the same.


SKU: 9052000068-2 but it is showing as out of stock.


How do you distinguish between swelling of the cells and swelling of the cell packaging due to gas? A spongy feel when you squeeze them? Electrical performance?


Hi Andy,
Just ordered the above it is in stock, thanks.


Yes, that’s exactly what you get, the battery looks and feels as if it’s blowing up with gas. When the cells themselves are swelling they feel hard over their whole area and often swell more at one end than the other.


My battery fits the “spongy” description.
One issue is that one of the cells reaches 3.6V a lot quicker than others and then it takes a long time to balance the whole thing.


Hi Angel,

If the battery is otherwise behaving itself - delivering the expected amount of charge, voltage not sagging under load, no cells swelling etc. - I wouldn’t worry about it too much. LiFePO4 cells seem to show very considerable variability when getting close to full charge.

73 Paul G4MD


Ok, my very enlarged battery was not spongy. So by your analysis that indicates faults that should not be ignored.

I think I originally made the mistake of setting the charger to LiFePO4 “charge” instead of “balance”. But I really don’t know whether that caused the battery to deteriorate. It lasted about 4 years and for 2 of those years it gradually expanded.

I believe there is a lot of hype written about these batteries, but most of that seems to be from a group of users whose main interest is charging them at maximum rate. Their definition of “safe” seems to be “it didn’t explode”.