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Hiking gear recommendation


The nicer small garmin GPS units run $350-550. A running watch with HRM that will record data for 12+ hrs is $200ish. So the price isn’t that outlandish. And you get all sorts of extra handy stuff like learning how much that extra pint or three messes with your resting heart rate the next day :grinning:


compelling, but I’ll pass. My peace and happiness remain unabated . . . :grinning:


I chose to buy a Yaesu FT-891 and with the change left over a SuperAntenna MP-1. My Etrex is good enough!

Its a very nice watch no doubt but I have the Samsung and Google versions that after a month outside of warranty the internal batteries go kaput and they become worthless.

No more smart watches for me!! More radios instead!!!

Please support analog watches but digital radios!!!

I remember paying $1200 for the Garmin Street Pilot back in the day and getting a Yaesu FT-817 from the same store


Are you planning to do a whole bunch of activating in VE3 land before prime bug season with the 891??



…conjures images from Starship Troopers…

Johnny Rico: I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all!



David (OP),
Something to think about is your pack as well. After 33 years in the Army, I can say not all packs are the same. Nowadays I’m pretty well straight Arc’teryx user when it comes to packs.
When looking at them, choose a store that has trained fitters for packs, let you try them on when weighted and hike up and down stairs with the pack on. I always go slightly larger than needed and basically use the same pack for winter / summer.



Yes I have plans starting this Sunday however, most of the ones are a several hour drive north of Toronto

But the others will be active as well as we grow the operator base this summer and fall

I hope to StoS with you