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Has it become too easy?


I think I have the first Chaser certificate for 100 points somewhere; something that was done before SOTA had a database so there is no record of it. I have yet to reach Shack Sloth status. I have set that aside for my dotage.


I’m a bit bemused at the way this thread suddenly sprung back to life after several months, only to progress again over the same ground! The zombie apocalypse is coming…!


No zombie is safe now Musk-man has sold 20000 zombie killing flamethrowers.


Ideal for … CHASING! :joy:


G3CWI - SC- 100 -002
GW4GTE SC- 100 -001

The Certificate Issue Log never lies :slight_smile:


In my region we only have 12 summits and each are over an hour away. It would take years for me to get any numbers if it was just annual points.