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Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2018 - SOTA Dinner


Done - great that you can make it again.


As every year, I will make a SOTA tour in DM/BW before Ham Radio, between Tuesday and Thursday, together with some YO activators.
3 summits per day, 3 days in the area near the west side of the lake. If anyone is interested to join us, just let me know. The departure in the morning will be from the camping near the Messe.


Hi Sorin, will you be joining us all for the Dinner on Friday evening?

73 Ed.


Hi Ed,
Nope, sorry, other commitments booked for Friday evening… Have fun there!
73 de YO2MSB Sorin


Hi all,

I (OE5LXR) and my wife will attend the SOTA dinner on Friday - coincidentally we are also staying at the hotel where the dinner is going to place …

73, Alex OE5LXR


I will be busy at ARRL-Desk on HAMRadio until 18h. My scooter should be
in Pfrungen after 18:30 B. Cu there
Mike, dj5av


No worries, see you there as usual Mike.

73 Ed.


Hello Ed,

please put me on the list, too. Looking forward to meeting you all.

73 de Robert, DL5RT




Just as a side-note to this discussion, I heard recently from a well-known and “well-placed” German OM a rumour that the HAMRadio exhibition may not be held for very much longer at Friedrichshafen, since the income from HAMRadio for the Exhibition Center there is getting close to making it unprofitable.

My source hinted that HAMRadio could be hosted in the future at the Exhibition Center in Munich (other cities were also mentioned), which has both large (http://www.messe-muenchen.de/en/meta/home/home.html) and small (http://www.moc-veranstaltungscenter.de/en/raeume_flaechen/raeume_flaechen_1.php) venues/halls to cater for different sizes of exhibitions.

So, something to think about… and unfortunately not many hills to activate close to Munich :roll_eyes: - with only 3 summits (all to the south) within 40km radius


It is sadly a completely understandable problem. For those of us who travel a long distance (>1000km) part of the advantage is the rally is held in somewhere that is a nice touristy place that is not in a big city. Sure Munich has lots of good features but it’s “just another city”.

Be a lot cheaper for me to get to it though!


My source also mentioned the relative ease of access to Munich for OMs driving from SP, OK, OM, HG, etc. lands, compared with Friedrichshafen. A bit tougher for the Swiss and French OMs, though…


This is a rumour that was presented to me also (it would be Berlin in 2019 I was told and the reason, easier access) - but that appears to be incorrect - at least next year (2019) will be in FN and the dates will go back to the old weekend from 2 years ago and earlier avoiding the current clash with a major HF contest.

What happens in 2020 and beyond - who knows. But the DARC would find it difficult to find better facilities than they currently have at FN.



HOW DARE YOU !!! (in Jest - in case the non UK natives don’t get sarcasm).

If the full BCC were at FN this year (they’re not because of the contest) you’d do well to avoid the event. Munich “just another city” … Them’s fighting words Andy!

Ed (angeheiratet Bayer).


I live just outside Edinburgh, a capital city, home of the parliament, location of a SOTA summit in the city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a castle dating back to 12th century , all sorts of amazing architecture and an indecent number of drinking establishments.

It’s still just another city.

That’s the plus of the venue being on the Bodensee, all those pretty little towns etc. around the lake.

EDIT: and I didn’t know, but Munich is Ediniburgh’s twin city since 1954!


Not that I needed another reason for NOT joining the BCC, but there’s (at least) another one to add to the list.

…and then again, this quote from you is one hell of a compliment to Andy!


I agree absolutely Edinburgh is a really beautiful city. It has some real character in its buildings and the events that take place there. I must get to the fringe one of these years!

Anyway, as usual we’re getting away from the subject.
As far as I know, Ham Radio will be at Friedrichshafen on the banks of the lovely Constance Water, close to French, Swiss and Austrian borders and with a 5 star venue at least this year and next. IMHO they would be stupid to move.

An update to the SOTA Dinner, Richard G3CWI from SOTABeams has supplied a selection of useful prizes that are now in my possesion and I’m sure we’ll have a few happy faces leaving the meal. Of course if you don’t let me know you’re coming I woun’t be able to ensure there’s a place for you, so please let me know asap - thanks.

73 Ed.


Richard G3CWI offered to provide a prize for the SOTA Dinner again this year. At my request he has provided several smaller prizes rather than one large one as last year. I have these now and a couple of other items that I have added as well.

I had said that I would run a quiz to decide who wins what, but I have changed my mind and I will put on a very simple prize draw. All attending will receive one numbered ticket. All prizes will be surprises as they will be in sealed packages. The package numbers will be in a random order. As I wont be in the draw, I will draw the first number out for prize number 1. The winner of that prize will draw out the next number for prize number 2 and so on.

The real prize for everyone will be attending and having a pleasant evening with friends with a common interest.

Please let me know asap (if you haven’t already) if you intend to attend the SOTA Dinner at the “Gasthof zum Goldenen Kreuz” in Wilhelmsdorf-pfrungen on Friday 1st. June.

73 Ed.


Sorry, won’t be able to attend the Dinner this year. We are only arriving later in the evening and need to check in at the campsite in time.
See you all the SOTA Meeting or at the QSL wall!

73, Sylvia


I’m sure some people will activate Hoechsten either before or after Friday afternoon, so if you have time, don’t forget that DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg is still a valid, nearby (8 point) SOTA summit, so if some of you want to head there on the Friday afternoon S2S using 2m HTs or HF ground wave with DM/BW-854 should be easily possible.