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GW/NW-012 Cadair Berwyn today


Sorry folks, started the activation on SSB as Alerted, but just as I was going to switch to FM I got a call out with the Rescue Team… to a hill about 2km away! How’s that for luck. Anyway, end of activation and off I went.

In the end the Casualty was winched by our very good friends from 22 Squadron RAF Valley. But by the time it was all finished I was out of place to continue the activation and descend in daylight. I’m not sure of the casualties precise condition but it wasn’t a life threatening injury so you shouldn’t be concerned for them.

As an aside, two weeks ago I was on Fairfield G/LD-007 and ended up helping Langdale and Ambleside team with another job (sadly a fatality this time).

So, for now I suggest you all stay well away from any hills I am activating…



In reply to MW6AQU:

Glad we mannaged to work then you wondered where you when as we didn’t hear you again. Tnx for the contact and Santina’s first SOTA chaser points and one QSO on the way to her first summit!

Peter & Santina


In reply to G1FOA:
Hi Peter and Santina, it was a pleasure to work both of you, particularly Santina on her first activation. Hopefully the first of many.
It was delightful to hear someone new to the air, developing her own style of communication which was all perfectly legal and understandable. I’ve somehow got to convince my wife to get her Foundation licence!