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Gary N2ESE, NA's newest Super Sloth


Quietly, on 11-July, Gary leaped over the Super Sloth hurdle and he just kept going. Congratulations!

de Bruce W2SE



Always great to hear your call on or off the summit. Congrats on the amazing milestone!

John N0EVH


Congratulations Gary! Hear you working almost everyday. 10 K is a big milestone. Best wishes, de Scotty KG3W


Congratulations on reaching Super Sloth, Gary


Congratulations Gary on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M(W)0HGY



Congratulations on getting 10,000 chaser points; it is always good to get you in the log and you are in there 63 times. Liz hasn’t worked you since she doesn’t do CW, but she is picking up CW from listening to me and can recognize your call. We hope to get you many more times.

Ron and LIz


CONGRA[quote=“W2SE, post:1, topic:18099, full:true”]
Quietly, on 11-July, Gary leaped over the Super Sloth hurdle and he just kept going. Congratulations!

de Bruce W2SE



Awesome job, Gary! Thanks for all the calls!

Mike AC0PR


Congrats, Gary. I have you logged for many of my activations; thanks for chasing! Always nice to hear your sigs.

73 Paula k9ir


Congrats Gary, and thanks for the many QSO’s in my log!
Keith KR7RK



Thanks for all your chaser contacts! You’ve been really consistent lately! You’re also one of the stronger chasers in your area!




Nicely done Gary!! Many thanks for all the contacts. It’s really easy to pick out your very unique callsign in the pileups. Keep up the great work my friend!!

73, Brad


Congratulations Gary!

Kent K9EZ


Thanks for all your hard work Gary! Congrats!
73 de Mike NS1TA


Congrats Gary! All but a few of those 10,000 points were gathered in less than a year. Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment!


Congratulations Gary, and thanks for being one of my top chasers. A big thank you
for your timely contacts on Mingus Mtn. to help NU7Y and I activate and then evade
the on coming monsoon T-storm!

Bill, K0MP


Congrats Gary on Super Sloth status. I hear you a lot in the Chaser pileups. I also want to thanks you for chasing me and spotting me when QRV mountaintops. You have certainly made my activating enjoyable.

Dennis - WA2USA


Congrats on such an amazing achievement Gary! It’s always good to hear your call in the pileup.

Joe // N0MAP


Congratulations, Gary! Always great to hear that musical “Shave and a haircut” on my activations!

Paul K9PM


CONGRATS Gary! You’ve become a “beacon” chaser; if the band is open, there you are.
All Best,