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Gary K3TCU - Super Sloth


Congratulations to Gary Kulling K3TCU, NA’s newest Super Sloth.

I’ve got Gary in my log a number of times and we often chat off frequency after Chasing the same Activator on 40m.
Nice to see all that hard work is paying off. Well done !

vy 73,
Bruce W2SE


Congrats Gary. Since we are so close in distance your signal sounds to me like those you hear over the pole , when you work Russia. Hi. Glad to have another ham from Pennsylvania chasing. You always have a big signal. 10K is a nice milestone. Take care and have a nice Easter. 73 de Scotty KG3W


Congratulations Gary on achieving Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations Gary, and thanks for all the contacts!
Bill, K0MP


Gary - Many thanks for all the chases - always glad to have you in my log!


Gary, you have chased Liz and me on SSB and CW many times. It is a pleasure to have you in our logs. Congratulations on your achievement!

Ron and Liz


Congratulations Gary - You have certainly hit the ground running since ‘discovering SOTA’.

Jody - K3JZD


Congratulations, Gary, and thanks for the contacts!

Peter - KD0YOB


Piling on! Thanks for all that chasing!


Way to chase! Glad you always show up in my log. Hope to work you again soon. Dean ~ K2JB


Congratulations, Gary! Now on to 2X Super Sloth!

Walt NE4TN



I know how tough it is chasing, lots of hours spent in front of the radio !
I just past 8000 points yesterday, maybe by next spring I’ll make SS !

73 de Ed
Bradenton, FL


Congrats on reaching SS status! Tnx for the many Qs during my activations.

73 Paula k9ir


Congrats Gary. So glad that you have graced my logbook so often and nearly always at a signal of 5.9! Thanks for being there when I often needed a chaser. Well done.


Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and congratulations. 57 years with a ham license and I’ve never enjoyed amateur radio more than I have in the last 15 months. Great folks and a great organization. I am looking forward to the journey to GOAT.


Congrats Gary, thanks for all the QSO’s and looking forward to more!

Keith KR7RK


Congrats Gary on Super Sloth.
Thanks for all the Chases and hope for many more. Great Job.
72/73 de Dennis


Great job Gary! Was hoping to congratulate you from a peak during the past few days but prop was so poor to
AZ that I figured I should keep the Qs to a signal report and 73. Thanks for all the contacts and hope to work you on many, many more summits.


Mike - ke5akl