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G4YTD LD trip Friday 13th


Hi All
A quick note of thanks to all chasers who put up with me not having enough hands to log, use a radio and try to keep the beam heading correct and upright in the wind on Fairfield last week.

Also, sincere apologies for the non-appearance on St Sunday and Seat Sandal. I was with a group of non-radio types, planning to wild camp at Grisedale tarn on the Friday night. As is usual, we took far too much gear with us resulting in pack weights of over 55Lb (mine with radio on top of that!). Suffice to say, progress was slow, and as the weather closed in on Fairfield it was a team decision to loose some altitude, quickly! Grisedale was un-campable due to the extremely high winds, by the time we found a less windy area and pitched, radio time was pretty much up…

Pleased to report we were all safe and warm as we went on our way the next morning, if not a little worn out due to lack of sleep…

Saturday’s Red Screes proved to be a much nicer activation experience after ditching the overnight equipment and changing to a lightweight daypack.

Another apology due here I am afraid, my lack of experience with the Wouxun 4m radio had it hopping off my channel every time somebody called on 450! 4 x 4m contacts made with ODX into Wales on FM saw me smiling all the way back to the car. I have now read the manual and can change the squelch settings and stop the darn thing dual watching!! The old engineering adage “RTFM” is still very true…

Thanks and sorry in the same breath to all chasers, I hope to make the effort to activate the two missing peaks next week (work commitments allowing)…

Watch this space.