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G4TJC Mountain Goat today


Good job, Old Man.
Zoran / E70AA


Many congratulations Simon.


Congrats, Simon!
I am surprised you can find the time for activations given the fact that you are so busy working on the association updates / evaluations! :smiley::smiley:

Thank you so much!


Well done Simon.
Now that I have a small idea of efforts involved I want to congratulate you on your achievement.

Steve K7PX


Thank you Allan for the card and the patch, but thank you especially for your company yesterday. SOTA gives a peculiar combination of typically solitary hiking (for me anyway) with plenty of company on air. It’s nice to mix it up a bit with joint activations - just so long as we don’t then find we’re talking to ourselves on-air. :blush:

Thank you everybody for your kind words. And thank you for bringing me along to this milestone. It’s taken 4821 QSOs, working 2046 call signs as activator. Such big numbers! It’s gone a little more quickly than I imagined when I started in May, 2013. In fact I barely dared hope ever to achieve MG, but once you’ve started there’s no stopping! At this rate I will need just over 7 years to reach the next activator certificate!

Thanks especially to my regular chasers. ¡ And Guru, I count 8 - just 1 behind !

I was trying to count up how many of the 122 unique summits activated I had visited before SOTA [takes hands away from keyboard to count fingers] - just 11. This has added enormously to my enjoyment of the countryside.

Of course I can’t resist making a map! Here is where I scored my points (not including EA6 and VK last year).

It’s pretty concentrated over Snowdonia, so I have very much more of the UK left to cover, and far beyond!

The activation yesterday went well. Bouncing through the pot holes I got my car up to the foot of Rhobell Fawr, just ahead of Allan. We took Gerald’s (MW0WML) tracks for ascent and descent, encountering snow from just over half way up. The summit was well covered, -2°C at best, and breezy. We found a dip just past the trig which sheltered us from the worst, whilst still letting the VHF antenna poke above the terrain.

Allan helped me to set up for 2m. Meanwhile my wife Helen, 2E0VMD, was in touch to say she was setting up her own /P station on the local high point. Now on air we worked three stations and then called in Helen to be my number 4. Allan then set up for 60m as I continued on 2m. Helen was the only contact on 70cm. I had intended to do 80m - all the kit was in the bag - but after over an hour working 2m my behind was feeling frosty! Sorry about that for anybody waiting for me to appear.

I was glad to get Rod, M0JLA, on Allan’s 60-m setup. It’s a shame we couldn’t make it stick with Viki too. I have 5 lines in the log book that I couldn’t tick off! You were never strong on 2m but readability 5. On 70cm it was a big struggle to hear you, but I did try to respond.

Thanks to the S2S stations, and sorry to Jordan M3TMX for missing your S2S call. Don, GW0PLP - sorry we missed you. Next time perhaps! You’re always a big signal.

Encountering just one pair of walkers on the summit (Allan gave them a full explanation of what we were up to) we packed away and retreated to the shelter of the wall below the summit for coffee and celebratory Christmas cake.

Back to the cars for more food, and then we were off bouncing through the pot holes again, to an encounter with the shepherd on his quad bike, returning the flock to mountain. Brrr indeed!

Diolch yn fawr i pawb,

Simon, G4TJC


These are the 9 times you’ve chased me according to my computer log:

Perhaps the difference is that I count 2 on May 2nd 2014 because you chased me on 30m and also 20m, while you are possibly counting this as one single activation chased.

Great report and pics. Thanks again, congratulations and enjoy your MG




Congratulations on the Goating Simon very glad you had excellent company to share the event :smiley:

73 de Paul G4MD


I think you chased me 8 times Guru, counting GW4TJC/P and EA6/G4TJC/P. I will do some more 30m and 20m soon!

73 _ .._





Congrats! Well done!