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G3TQQ - Dave New Mountain Goat on LX/LX-003


Congratulations to Dave G3TQQ on achieving his Mountain Goat on LX/LX-003 today, 25 October 2017.


With thanks to our ON friends for the champagne :clinking_glasses:


Hi Dave
Very well done on reaching MG, always a pleasure to catch you on a summit.
Well Done.


Congratulations Dave on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations Dave on making SOTA Mountain Goat. Good luck making the next 1000 points. :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1AD


Many congratulations Dave. Pleased to have worked you on a few summits on the way to your MG.

73, Gerald G4OIG


Well done and congratulations on making MG today Dave,pleased to have worked you on your qualifying summit.73 Don.G0RQL.


'Ey UP! Good on ya Dave - and a mere strap of a lad from Pickering 'n all!

Ed DD5LP / G8GLM (originally from 'ULL).


Congrats Dave to the Mountain Goat


Congratulations Dave.

Welcome to the herd :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the contacts and s2s along your journey to MG

73 Allan GW4VPX


Congrats Dave! It was a great evening last Monday.


Well done Dave three of your last activations got me my first 1000 points sloth today 25/10/17 many thanks pete G6nhw


Done in style! :+1:

Congratulations Dave,



Congratulations Dave well done





Pickering - the hotbed of SOTA in the UK. 3 activators living within 600m of one another!

Well done Dave - keep up the good work enjoying the FL/VO region over the next few days.

73 Phil


Well Done - And thanks for the contact.

( Rather worryingly I notice that I am making much better progress towards the Shack Sloth than MG, at this rate I will have to wait until 2037 to become a MG ) 73 and Thanks! Paul ( 1/3 Sloth 1/20 MG…)


Well done Dave. Have a Belgian :beer: to celebrate. I’m with you in spirit drinking a delightful beer here in Prague.



Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat.

73, Colin


Well done, Dave.

I tried for the s2s when you were on ON/ON-017 but the pile-up was too loud.