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G0RQL "Super Sloth"


Congratulations Don on achieving 10,000 Chaser Points and becoming the latest Super-Sloth and only using SSB
Well done !

73 Graham G3OHC


In reply to G3OHC:

Well done Don.

73 Robert G0PEB


Many congratulations Don on your achievement.

There are many chasers in SOTA who are gentlemen of the airwaves and Don is a fine example of this. It’s always a pleasure to have a contact with you Don and I’m delighted to have provided many points and many uniques for you.

I’m looking forward to working you many, many more times in the future.



Congratulations Don, always a pleasure to hear your cheerful call when cowering from the elements on a bleak hillside.


Congratulations Don!

Graham G4FUJ


Congratulations Don on receiving your 10’000 chaser points. It is nice to work you.

Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to M3EYP:
Congratulations Don on your achivement, always a pleasure to work you, and give you the points, Well done again,
Steve m0sgb


An activation without the Devon Beacon G0RQL in the log is an activation which has definitely got something missing. Many thanks for all the contacts, particularly those on 70cms SSB and the many attempts on 23cms, both successful and otherwise.

Congratulations and my personal best wishes. It is always a real pleasure to talk to you Don.

73, Gerald


Hi Don, Welcome to Superslothdom !

73 Geoff,G4CPA


In reply to G4CPA:
Many congratulations Don on reaching such a great milestone



In reply to G3OHC:

Congratulations Don and thank you for many QSO from the hills!

73 Lutz DL3SBA


In reply to G3OHC:
Congratulations Don - always a pleasure to work you and it never ceases to amaze me that we nearly always make the two way trip.

Barry GM4TOE


Wohoooo Don! You’re part of the big boys now :o).

Congratulations, well done



Well done and congratulations Don G0RQL

73 Graham G4JZF


Congratulations Don, You are in well over half of my logs :o)



In reply to G6WRW:

Congratulations Don. Any SSB activation is not complete until you are in the log, hi. Well done.