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FT-817 Companion Android software and cheap BT adapter


That gives me hope. I too have a cheap FBT06 which appears to pair with Android on Google Nexus 6 phone…but the light keeps blinking and no apps can see it. Works fine when paired with a Mac. Time to threaten it with solder!


The light stops flashing, only when a program (or app) has connected, not just when the device is teamed.
If when using it with a Mac program connection occurs and the light stays on, the device is fine and the issue is with the Android app, when that doesn’t stop the light flashing.
FT817 Companion works very well, so far my experiments with PocketRxTx have been intermittent, in one case with it locking up the FT817 so that it would not turn on and a full reset was needed (home + power-on).

Repeater Book will NOT work with this dongle as it is hardcoded to only work with the more expensive “Blue Cat” device.

73 Ed.


I never did get FT-817 Commander to install. When I run FT817Build739.exe it creates a temporary folder (a new one each time!) and extracts various files into it. There’s a setup.exe and if I run that I get asked if I want to make changes to the hard disc, and after replying “yes” I get the little blue circle for a few seconds and then nothing. No error messages, no crashing, the computer just sits there waiting for my next action.

HRD works fine with the BT dongle, but sometimes the com port becomes unavailable on exit. It seems I have to uplug the dongle from the 817 and leave it out for a while - just removing it and plugging back in again is too quick.



Hi John,
For clarification, I am referring to the FT817 Companion Android application, not the FT817 Commander Windows program (I mixed these up in earlier posts in this thread) however I have FT817 Commander installed on my Windows 10 laptop and if I rememeber correctly, I had to install it in admin mode (i.e. run the setup.exe program in admin mode- right mouse button click on the executable and select run in administrator mode) before it would install. You might want to try that.So far I have only used FT817 Commander to backup the memory channels but as far as I have seem so far it works fine.

As regards the BT link stopping working, with the FBT06 adapter, I have found it is best to have it plugged into the FT-817 before you switch the rig on, rather than plugging it into the rig when it is already running. In the latter case the laptops bluetooth doesn’t always pair with the dongle.