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Finding americans on activator roll of honour


I often have troubles when trying to find a USA callsign on the activator roll of honour because I don’t know where to look for them.
Formerly a W6 was only in California but nowadays we can have a W6 in Florida, Vermont or South Dakota, so it’s very difficult for me to find a single callsign in the vast number of US associations.
Can someone give some tips for easily find a US callsign in the activator roll of honour?
I’m currently trying to find the association of WA2USA but I haven’t got any success after having searched through W1, W2 and of the different W4 associations… :sweat:
Thank you.



Try “All W” as your dropdown association.


Use the “All W” option.


Thank you so much Andrew and Andy.
I found him now.
It was such an obvious solution that I feel a bit embarrassed for having asked such a silly question :blush:
I guess I’m too tired after more than 13 hours at work today and no SOTA… :sweat:

Best 73,