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Error in SOTA Mapping Project?



some days ago, I activatet OE/TI-119.
In the database I find the correct entry - but in the SOTA map I found “Not yet activated” when I choose the summit…
Where is the mistake?



In reply to DK1AX:

Hallo Klaus,

Ich habe das auch schon fesgestellt fuer meine Activation. Ich denke das dieses update braucht ein bischen Zeit (vielleicht ein script der nur alle Woche startet). Nach eine Woche war es wieder OK.


Laurent de F8CZI


In reply to F8CZI:

Hallo Laurent,

danke fuer Info. Kein Problem, ich warte! Fiel mir nur auf…

Klaus, dk1ax


In reply to DK1AX:

Tja, leider gibt es keine engen “real-time” Verbindung zwischen der beiden Systeme SOTAwatch und der SOTA Mapping Project.

Unfortunately, there’s no tight, real-time connection between the two systems SOTAwatch and the SOTA Mapping Project. The most up-to-date data from SOTAwatch have to be downloaded from time to time, altered manually to remove some errors, then imported by a script into a test server one line at a time - for over fifty thousand records. Then the data are imported into the live database in the SOTA Mapping Project by another script. Total time for new import - about 1/2 hour. This does NOT take place any more often than once a week - sometimes nearly two weeks when I’m busy with other projects.

So, one should not rely on the SOTA Mapping Project to accurately reflect the latest activations of summits. One should instead go to the source - SOTAwatch - for that.

Thanks for continuing to use the mapping project, your comments/bug reports/requests for alteration or improvements are always welcome: http://sotamaps.wsstvc.org/contact.php

73, Rob DM1CM


In reply to DM1CM:

Thank you Rob for this info.
All ok!



In reply to DK1AX:

Seems to be up-to-date until Sunday, Sep 16, now.



In reply to DM1CM:
Rob, Thanks for your Mapping Project. I find it extremely useful.

73, John.


In reply to DM1CM:

And so do I; thank you very much for maintaining the site. The facility to select more than one region at a time is brilliant when you live right on the boundary between two as I do (GW/SW and G/WB).



In reply to M0JLA:

… The
facility to select more than one region at a time is brilliant when
you live right on the boundary between two as I do…

Same situation here, living in OE/OO close to OE/SB. How do you do this, selecting summits of two regions?