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EA8 Lanzarote


[editted to correct some typos made due to writting the original post on my smartphone without wearing my reading glasses and also to add a post data P.D. at the end].

Great reports.
Thanks for the QSOs, Tom and Jimmy during your last activation.
The Ying & Yang made it possible this time.
My 8 years old son was ill with quite high fever due to throat infection problems, so instead of sending him to school and me going to work right away, I gave him some medicine to lower his body temperature down before taking him with my mother for her to take care of him during our working day, given my wife and mother of the ill kid was away with work.
While waiting for his body temperature to cool down a bit, I had the petfect chance to chase you both, first Tom on CW and later Jimmy on SSB.
I was very pleased with that unexpected chance to chase you.


P.D. the more I’m reading about these EA8 SOTA activations, the stronger I’m fancying to visit EA8 for a 1st time for me.


It’s always a pleasure to work you Guru. The 3rd Lanzarote activation was enjoyable in every way. Probably one of my favourite SOTA activations ever!