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Double mountaingoat


swapped over 2000 activator points this Weekend - double mountain goat :slight_smile:
nice to bee member of an very elite club with only 133 Members (over 2000 Points) worldwide
great thanks to sota team for support
tnx to all chasers for support



Well done Klaus,

A worthy achievement. Keep up the good work. It must have been difficult. OE has some big mountains!

73, John G4YSS


congrats on your achievement … i’m slowly making progress to the 2000 points myself.

just had a look at your activator log and saw that on all your activations you were only qrv for about 5 minutes … is there a reason why you keep all your activations so short?

73 martin, oe5reo


to g4yss
tns for your reply
yes i did only austrian high mountain, 2200 meters for 10 points
and not nearby countries with 10 points for 1000meters


at oe5reo
tns martin for reply
mostly i have wife and/or friends with me and thats the reason not to do very long with qso´s
and i do several activations in winter over 2000 cold windy fingers are stiff, so cutting time :slight_smile:


Congrats Klaus!
Mike NS1TA


Congratulations Klaus!
Look forward to a S2S QSO but it’s difficult to catch you!
73, Sylvia


tnx Sylvia, will do my best in future :slight_smile:


Congratulations Klaus.



Excellent achievement. I’ve been climbing hills/mountains for …50+ years but not with a radio. If I went through my climbing log book and worked out what points I would have got if I had done SOTA activations on them all I still don’t think I’d have got that many points!


Congratulations Klaus! No S2S for us yet, but I think you worked me from your QTH at least once.


hi matt last saturday we missed us only 10 min.
i got hamalert from you but was on the way down


Congratulations Klaus!




tnx Mike