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Datamode SOTA


Saw you working W4DOW on 14074; congrats!
OK about aerials etc. Can copy a few UK stations on 40m, but they are all down near the south coast!


Not bad, not bad. 8 QSOs on 20m PSK31, including at least 5 active chasers and 2 US stations. Followed by 4 QSOs (including 2 more US) on 20m CW.


Have been listening/watching around 11:30 too Tom. Only saw a HA5 station work you, so I had the correct frequency, but even with a 250Hz filter on an IC-7300, no trace of ur signal … too close as Ken wrote


Band conditions are likely to have influenced the “interest” of chasers. If they cannot hear you, they won’t be likely to respond.

I’d suggest mixing PSK31 with other modes, suitably publicised. That will eventually penetrate the habits of others and you’ll encourage more activity by being consistent and persistent.

good luck

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH


I’ll be trying out a bit of data again later from a SOTA activation.

PSK31 on 20 and/or 30, possibly 40/80 too.


That was “fun”.

Monday 20th March 2017, and Liam had a social event in Congleton 1800-2000z, so I thought I’d do a bit of SOTA PSK from The Cloud G/SP-015. I realised upon parking up that I’d left my coat at home - along with useful items such as hat, gloves, pencil and headtorch which were all in its pockets.

I did have the bothy bag though, which would be good for an extra 5 degrees of warmth while operating, so I decided to go for it anyway. I walked to the summit and set up the SOTAbeams Bandhopper 4 linked dipole, set first for 20m. It was getting a bit chilly outdoors in the breeze without a coat on, but once inside the bothy bag, it was relatively comfortable.

I self-spotted and called CQ for a while on 14.074MHz PSK31, but to no avail. The waterfall was busy with strong signals, so I picked one of them and responded to the CQ call. RW3TT was worked, and the activation could now be deemed to have occurred!

I opened the first set of links, self-spotted again, and called CQ on 10.142MHz PSK31. No response from chasers again, and now no time to move down to 40m either (which may have been a better band for EU). It had only just turned 7pm, but I was mindful of packing away in the dark, descending a very muddy and slippery path in even more dark, and picking Liam up on time.

The packaway went well, though I did concentrate hard on it in rapidly deteriorating light and no torch. The descent was painstakingly slow and I was particularly mindful of the muddy and greasy patches noted on the way up earlier. It was a relief to reach the top of the staircase without slipping over into a huge filthy puddle just before it - as I had done fairly recently! It was a further relief to be at the foot of those stairs and with just a short walk along a vehicle access track back to the car.

I arrived at Liam’s venue at 1950z, so adjourned to the pub next door for a very swift pint of ale. Now, where did I put that coat…?


Thanks for building a trend! Ill try to join with my next activation from wales, weather permiting.


OK, so this afternoon, approx 1pm-3pm, I hope to be activating on 40m / 30m / 20m PSK31. Probably in a different order to that! Flagging it here so that interested chasers can be ready to go.


Okay, I’ll put the data rig on to warm up. :slight_smile:


My dad Tom M1EYP is running a bit late, he will be QRV from 1:45pm.

Jimmy M0HGY


Thanks Jimmy. Looks like the skip is quite long, but hopefully will pick him up.


pif Im getting some stations on 30m but nothing from G.


Nothing here in Ostend either … not on 30m, not on 40m … Luc ON7DQ
AND now the place is getting full of RTTY on 40m … some contest going on …
@15:19 saw SV2OXS call you (on 14074) … but no trace of Toms signal …


SWL report (sort of): got home too late for 30m, couldn’t hear you on 40m, but copied your callsign and reference on 20m. Tried a call, not sure if you got back to me, as the weak signal was then lost in the noise/QSB and didn’t return (but I saw K2EQ in QSO with you, nice!). Hopefully next time… I find data modes very interesting, and my first few SOTA activations were mostly in PSK31, until I got lured by the CW/SSB pile-ups :wink:


Just 3 good QSOs as it turned out - SA4BLM and M0HGY on 30m PSK31 and K2EQ on 20m PSK31. Also written in my logbook were HB9DQM and SV2OXS, both fine signals with me, but nothing heard from either after I went back with my reports.

Activation was generally unstraightforward. Had a couple of mast collapses, one resulting in fatal damage to two sections of the SOTA Pole. That has been made back up now with sections from old poles. Usually when this happens, the section I need is not amongst my spares, meaning I need to but a new pole, but happily today (or unhappily for SOTABEAMS) I had what I needed.

I also shattered the acrylic dipole centre piece from my Bandhopper 4 antenna in this wave of destruction. This had never happened to me before, but then someone goes and starts a thread about it, and it happens on virtually the next activation. Darn you, whoever started that discussion!

I was using a length of Aircell 7 cable as a feeder extension, and noted an intermittent in one of the connectors too. Using my LifePO4 battery back to apply pressure in a certain direction got me through the activation, but I’ll have to check that out before the next VHF activity contest outing.

I too noted the considerable RTTY activity on 40m and thought I ought to get DroidRTTY installed on my phone, and maybe DroidSSTV as well. I was talking with G3CWI about JT65 yesterday as well. Much to mull over.


I heard Lars work you and could see a faint trace on the waterfall, but there was not enough signal to decode. I did wonder whether JT65 might have done the business, but probably not. There were quite a few PSK31 signals on 40m, then the RTTY boys came on mob handed and the PSK just seemed to evaporate into thin air. I loaded up MMTTY and it confirmed that the skip was long - I, YO, SV, etc. 20m was even longer skip with Hamad 9K2HN piling in on 14.285MHz. I almost went to call him and then realised that I only had my TS-130V on and the 40m dipole. Thankfully breath not wasted!


Always keen to support Tom’s data initiative “Operation Dead Horse” I have today investigated remote control so that I can attempt to contact Tom while I’m at work. This proved to be trivially simple.

I set up TeamViewer on the work computer and the shack computer. Set up the shack computer for data in the normal way. Logged into it from the work computer and away it went. I have just used it on JT9. This simple method requires no CAT control and so is limited to one band. It would also be easy to set it up as a multi-band system. I have not tried but it should be possible to do this from my mobile phone too.

Worth a try I would suggest.


Team viewer works exactly the same from a phone. I used to do this when at work.( Not for radio stuff though)


I take from this that neither of you are TalkTalk customers? :wink:


Lol no one who wants to use their internet has talktalk.