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CW on 60m


I get that, the part that I don’t understand is that elsewhere it is claimed that the Americans were first on the band and I believe that they started in 2003 - but our American friends sometimes seem to make such claims, Hollywood has it that an American submarine captured the first ENIGMA device - before America entered the war!



I guess it is Mount Gay time for the participants :wink:
Night night


One did! But towards the end of hostilities not near the start.

Entertainment != fact or documentry :wink:


The UK started in August 2002. The USA started in 2003. It is all documented in great detail, with references, here:

Anyway, I think this topic has been exhausted. Shall we move on?

Walt (G3NYY)


Hi all,
My 60m CW experiment was a success. During my week in Northern Ireland I activated Slemish Mountain, Agnews Hill and Big Colin (what a fabulous name for a hill).

On each summit I activated using several bands including 60m. SSB was carried out on 5.398.5 / 5.395MHz and CW on 5.381.5MHz. The CW activations were preceded with self spotting. 4 countries and 11 contacts were logged. From small acorns, large oaks do grow. No tails on the aerial, no QRM, non UK stations. Let the fun begin.


David G0EVV

Who else has 5.3 MHz privileges? HB9 does starting Jan 1, 2017

Made SOTA so much easier… :slight_smile:


Next thing you will be calling a trunk a boot, an elevator a lift and so on… :wink:


I think you’ll find that Elephants have trunks and Fairies wear boots :wink:


You old rocker you!